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GST state code and GST jurisdiction are significant data points for organizations to guarantee an issue free handling of GST returns, applications, and evaluations, and to benefit offices under the law. The Government has ordered jurisdictions in view of geological jurisdiction, PIN codes of prominent areas, and particular regions to make GST registrations are easier for organizations and experts.

A taxpayer should proclaim the jurisdiction that the business environment is situated while applying for the GST enlistment. Consequently, realizing the jurisdiction becomes fundamental for the taxpayer.

GST State Code List

GST State Code refers to a one of a kind code assigned by the Government to each state and Union Region. It is addressed by numbers sequentially relegated to each state and Union Territory.

For example, GST state code 27 addresses Maharashtra. While, GST state code 29 addresses Karnataka. The idea of state code became prominent when GST began in India.

For better setting, the GST state code has reference in the Labor and products Expense Distinguishing proof Number (GSTIN). It is a 15-digit alphanumeric exceptional distinguishing proof number gave to each taxpayer enrolled under the GST regulation.

The initial two digits of any GSTIN address the GST state code. The GST state code list has utilization by a taxpayer while enrolling for GST and entering invoice subtleties in GST Returns as GSTIN.

For instance, 10 GST State code in 10AAJCR2207E1Z2 addresses a business enrolled under GST in Bihar. Similarly, following are a few additional examples:

  • GST state code 19 is for West Bengal
  • GST state code 36 addresses Telangana
  • GST state code 33 is for Tamil Nadu
  • Uttar Pradesh has GST state code 09
  • GST state code 23 addresses Madhya Pradesh
  • Jharkhand has GST state code 20
  • Punjab has GST state code 03
  • GST state code 21 is for Odisha
  • New GST state code 26* is for combined UTs of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Dui

You can utilize our GSTIN Search Tool to look for a GSTIN before you figure out the jurisdiction of the GSTIN

Where do we want State Code in GST?

Each taxpayer who has GST registration in Chennai should observe right GST State codes for each State and Union Territory as it has utilization broadly in different GST consistence and settlement. State code GST is applicable for the accompanying essential reasons:

(1) GST enlistment

Precise and total subtleties should have placed by the candidate to get a legitimate GST registration in Chennai. One such essential data is the state and central jurisdictions for essential business environment. The data given by the taxpayer is checked by the official. From there on, the candidate has distributions a GSTIN containing the significant GST state code.

(2) GST invoice and e-Invoicing

GST state code becomes pertinent for precise invoicing and e-invoicing under GST. Substantial GSTINs of purchaser, merchant and proctor contain the significant state codes which have utilization to recognize the spot of supply of such deal. Ultimately, spot of supply chooses sort of GST to have change in view of whether it’s a highway or intrastate deal.

Assume, a dealer makes reference to purchaser’s GSTIN with a wrong GST state code on the invoice. Then, it might prompt wrong charge of IGST rather than CGST and SGST or the other way around with an inaccurate spot of supply being gotten.

Once more assuming the vender ends up following e-invoicing by regulation, it can prompt undoing of IRN because of mistaken state code GST and the need to raise invoice.

(3) GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B return reporting

Regular taxpayers should report B2B invoice subtleties, including GSTIN, in the GSTR-1/IFF documented month to month or quarterly. These subtleties given to the individual GSTR-2A/GSTR-2B of the purchasers, in light of the GSTIN.

There is no system or approval on the GST portal to affirm on the off chance that a duty invoice bearing a specific purchaser’s GSTIN is placed accurately in GSTR-1/IFF, except if it gets auto-populated from the e-invoice entry.

Thus, in the event that the vender mistakenly makes reference to some unacceptable GST State code while entering GSTIN in invoice data in GSTR-1/IFF, some unacceptable individual or GSTIN might wind up finding tax reduction in GSTR-2A/2B rather than the legitimate purchaser.

Order of GST jurisdictions

Jurisdictions can be the Central jurisdictions and the state jurisdictions.

State jurisdictions allude to the jurisdictions surveyed or going under the evaluation of the particular State organization. Though, the Central Jurisdictions are those that have control by the Center directly.

According to the CGST Round no. 21/2017 dated 20th September 2017, there is an endorsed way where the Central and State jurisdictions are differentiated.

  • According to the guidelines, 90% of the taxpayers whose total turnover falls beneath Rs.1.5 crore will vest with the State organization. The leftover 10% will vest with the Central organization.
  • Then again, 50% of the taxpayers having a total turnover of more than Rs.1.5 crore will vest with the State organization while the leftover 50% taken up by the Center.

The division of GST taxpayers is PC started and done at a state level. Separated arbitrary inspecting has consideration for this, considering the taxpayer’s geological area and kind of enlistment.

In like manner, the jurisdictions under GST arranged into the accompanying levels, in the request for their order and size:

  • Zone
  • Commissionerates
  • Division office
  • Range office

How to find or look for GST Jurisdiction?

There are more than one approach to figuring out jurisdiction for a specific GSTIN or taxpayer.

While applying for GST registration in bangalore, the taxpayer must be cautious in proclaiming the right and total location of the business environment. It is vital data to decide the jurisdiction precisely while proclaiming it in the GST enlistment application and keeps away from burdens later on.

How to correct wrongly informed GST jurisdiction?

Assuming the taxpayer had chosen some unacceptable jurisdiction while applying for the GST registration in Bangalore, one can get it rectified. A different accommodation of solicitation to change the subtleties of jurisdiction is made before the regulatory or IT cell of the separate State for the changes.

How to get contact details of GST jurisdictional officer?

  • Visit gst official online portal
  • Choose services tab and click user services tab
  • Select Contacts option
  • Enter details like central, state, name of tax official and required details thereon.
  • Enter captcha code and search button.
  • Select Search office address option
  • Select the category, state and pincode

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