copyright for music

Copyright for music

A collection of rights that automatically vest in the creator of an original work of authorship, such as a book, song, movie, or software, is known as a copyright. The right to reproduce the work, create derivative works from it, distribute copies, and perform and display the work in public are all examples of these …

Social Bookmarking (SBM)
digital marketing services

Social Book marking (SBM)

One of the best and easiest ways to build backlinks to your websites is through social bookmarking. You can sign up and independently create a link for free on those websites. The list of more than 500 high-authority social bookmarking websites from which you can obtain a free link is provided below in this blog. …

OPC in Company law
one person company registration

OPC in company law

The Companies Act of 2013 completely rewrote Indian corporate law by introducing several novel ideas that had never used before. The introduction of the One Person Company concept was one such game-changer. As a result, a brand-new method for starting a company emerged that combined the flexibility of a company entity with the protection of …

Patent for software

Patent for Software

India has one of the most skilled clubs of Information Property experts on the planet and a huge Information Property industry. Every year a great many crores are spent on innovative work of software in India and there is gigantic interest in protecting the intellectual property made. In this blog, we check out the methodology …