Do you being a Limited Liability Partnership wish to change the name?

1. Check whether your existing Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) change name is required to be made under the direction of the central government. Under section 17 or under section 18 or under section 19 of the LLP Act, 2008.

Limited Liability Partnership

2.If the LLP has received a direction from the central government. Under section 17 asking it to change the name as its existing name is identical or undesirable with too nearly resembles the name of an existing LLP. Then comply with the said directions with in 3 months after the date of the direction or such longer period as the central government may allow.

3.If the LLP fails to comply with the said direction of the central government then it will be punishable with fine which will not be less than Rs.10,000. But which may extend to Rs.5,00,000 and its designated partner will be punishable with fine of not less than Rs. 10,000. It can extend to Rs.1 ,00,000

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


4. In the above case follow the procedure given-below:

(a) Make an application in Form No.1 to the Registrar of Companies (ROC)2 for change of name and fill up Part B and Part C of the said Form.

(b) Give 6 proposed names in order of preference one of which will be made available by the ROC.

(c) Attach to the said Form the following;

(i) a certified copy of extracts of relevant LLP agreement/consent of requisite partners/certified copy of decision/;

(ii) a Copy of Trademark Registration /acknowledgment of application for Trademark Registration/ authorization to use Trademark.

(iii) a copy of the direction of the Central Government to change the name;

(iv) a copy of Board declaration of the existing company or consent of existing LLP as a proof that there is no objection to effect change in name.

(d) Have the said Form filed accompanied by fees as mentioned in Annexure A of the LLP Rules, 2009.

5.On receipt of approval of the ROC, confirming availability of a new name change the name either by following the procedure as laid down in the LLP Agreement or by obtaining the consent of all the partners of the LLP in case the said agreement does not provide such procedure.

6.File notice of change in Form No.5 with the ROC within 30 days of complying with the above requirement along with fees as mentioned in Annexure A to the LLP Rules, 2009.

7. Take the steps for changing the name as aforesaid within 3 months from the date of intimation by the ROC as consider for name reservation.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration


8.If an LLP or a body corporate or any other entity finds that another LLP incorporated subsequently has a name. Which is similar to or which too nearly resembles the existing name then do the following:

(a) Make an application to the ROC in Form No. 23 to issue directions to that LLP registration may subsequently to change its name.

(b) State in the application the following particulars:

(i) the LLP IN of the LLP or the eIN of the company or the registration number of the other entity as the case may be;

(ii) the name with which the LLP or the company or any other entity was incorporated;

(iii) the grounds of protest to the name of the LLP is registration later.

(c) Maintain the application is proved by the person making it.

(d) Attach to the application the following:

(i) the authority under which the applicant is making the application;

(ii) a copy of the incorporation certificate of the LLP or the company or the registration certificate of the entity, as the case may be.

(e) Maintain the application followed by a fee as specified in Annexure A to the LLP Rules, 2009.

(f) Have the application digitally signed by the applicant.

Change name of LLP

Change name of your company

9.Take the decision for changing the name of the existing LLP and follow the procedure for effecting the change as laid down in the LLP agreement.

10.Obtain the consent of all the partners of the LLP to change the name. If the LLP agreement does not provide any procedure for change of name.

11. Also obtain authorization in favor of one of the designated partners to make the necessary applications for availability. The representation of name in Form. No.1 to the ROC and also for giving notice of change of name to the ROC in Form. No.5. Once the name is made available to the LLP registration.

12. Follow the steps given in above items 4,5,6 and 7 for change of name except that in the attachments mentioned in item 4(c).  (iii) skip a copy of the direction of the central government. The name of your LLP is changed in the following cities like Coimbatore, Chennai, Salem and Madurai.

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