The reason why we love LLP Registration

The reason behind LLP Registration is here!! Limited liability partnership is partnership firms where all the members or some of them are limited by their responsibilities over the organization. Correspondingly, LLP is allowing the partners to benefit from the economic scale by working as cooperated. It provides more flexibility within the partnership firm. In this …

Intellectual property of patent registration

Intellectual property of Patent registration

Intellectual property of Patent is one of the main important aspects of the business industry.  A Patent gives certain ownership to the proprietor who invented something new. By using patent we can avoid mishandling of the product from others. Moreover, Patent has at most 20 years of validity from the date of registration. Most of …


National and international Trademarks

Trademarks are distributed in world wide. The trademark protection is a very big task and it enjoys the protection by different legal process. For trademark there is no national or worldwide protection or registration available. Under the Madrid system only the international registration is helpful for the protection. Actually, the trademark registration only depends upon …