Legal Metrology Certification

Guidelines for Legal Metrology Certification

The terminology of “The Department of Weights and Measures” is changed as “The Department of Legal Metrology”, as informed by the Government on giving the Notification. As the name proposes, the Department of Legal Metrology identifies with the units of loads and measures, techniques for estimations and estimating instruments and the administrative shields to the general population.

Legal Metrology Certification states that it is the aftereffect of the well prescience of our National Leaders that prompted the selection of the most dynamic and formally dressed Metric System all through our Country, so as to line up with the proposal of International Organization of Legal Metrology, for which India is additionally a Member Country. The Department of this service is one of the significant organs of Consumers’ Protection. It has a significant task to carry out in giving the Citizen well disposed Administration of Services. It is worried about specialized and legal necessities to defend the Public Interest from the perspective of security and precision of loads, measures, and so on.

Documents needed for Legal Metrology Certification

Legal Metrology Certification and its Guidelines | Corpstore
  • Photos, Identity and Address Proof of the candidate/accomplices.
  • Proof of the Date of Birth of candidate/accomplices.
  • Possession or occupancy report of the proposed premises.
  • Area map
  • Organization deed, in the event of association firms.
  • Model endorsement authentication, given by the Director, Legal Metrology, Government of India, whenever required under Legal Metrology General Rules, 2011 concerning the proposed gauging and estimating instrument.
  • Legal Metrology Certification needs No objection Certificate from contamination control Board, particularly in Taj Trapezium zone.
  • Rundown of hardware and apparatuses.
  • Testimony to express that candidate would stick to the Legal arrangements and the headings gave by the Controller.
  • Testimony to express that candidate neither had not been rebuffed by any Court nor is any criminal continuing pending in any court.
  • registration record of production line/shop/foundation/city exchange permit, as the case perhaps
  • Copy of VAT/CST/GST Registration
  • This certification needs Copy of PAN


Minor or non-material/unimportant deviations ought not to be treated as infringement in the severe sense and henceforth ought not to be classified correctional offenses. The whole plan of PC Rules ought to be rethought and minor and unintentional blunders or specialized deviations that don’t bargain purchaser intrigue however are in any case resistant with the principles, ought to be permitted to be compoundable.

Legal Metrology Certification states that there ought to be a system to pre-support bundling statements, rather than the current situation where, because of equivocalness and different translations of rules, business substances wind up confronting activity under the LM Act for infringement regardless of consistence as per their comprehension. There is an inclination in the Legal Metrology Department to send sees with respect to implied infringement to even autonomous overseers of an organization so as to sensationalize an issue, however free chiefs are not accountable for, and are not liable for, the direct of its business and should not to be charged.


Legal Metrology Certification and its Guidelines | Corpstore

Legal Metrology Certification states that the translation of rules across different states is some of the time extraordinary and execution shifts. It would be useful if the Legal Metrology Department conducts standard preparing and sharpening programs for independent companies to help improve trust and comprehension of the PC Rules. Different changes to the PC Rules have been made in a piecemeal manner making extraordinary trouble organizations.

For example, the standards identifying with the size of numerals on the revelation were first corrected and later the guidelines identifying with the size of letters was revised causing a misuse of bundling material. Because of these incessant alterations in the guidelines, organizations are bearing extra expenses. The Legal Metrology Department likewise will in general give unreasonable cutoff times to actualize corrections in the PC Rules and afterward expands them a few times at last, leaving the business in a condition of vulnerability and making it at risk inclined to totally unintended infringement.

Offense under Legal Metrology Certification

Legal Metrology Certification and its Guidelines | Corpstore

The offenses under the LM Act for infringement of the PC Rules are reformatory offenses, albeit under section 48 certain offenses are compoundable. In any case, if a business element is found to have disregarded the PC Rules a second time inside a time of three years, the subsequent offense isn’t compoundable and the business substance and its chiefs or accomplices must face criminal preliminary. Legal Metrology Certification states that on the off chance that a retailer detaches the name of the item or just overwrites the most extreme retail cost or some other assertion, it is for all intents and purposes unthinkable for any maker/merchant to stop such altering. In practically all examples, such infringement, adjustments or altering are done by the retailer or wholesaler at their premises, yet the maker or merchant is additionally arraigned without an examination to distinguish the individual liable for such altering.


Legal Metrology has characterized explicit licenses and application systems identified with gauging and estimating instruments and gadgets. Legal Metrology Certification states that these techniques may incorporate assembling, import, promoting and fix of estimating instruments and related hardware. Rules additionally require an organization to perform normal and intermittent updates and permit restorations towards the Legal Metrology office.

Model Approval

Each unique model of an estimating and gauging instrument falling under the Legal Metrology domain must acquire a Model Approval from the Central Legal Metrology Department. An application for the endorsement of a model should be recorded alongside several models and their documentation and subtleties. An award of the testament of endorsement and report by a checked and affirmed referral research center should likewise be submitted alongside the application.

Relating to the itemized report put together by the referral lab, the Central Legal Metrology Department may give an endorsement to the particular instrument/gadget models. Upon endorsement, the model of the instrument is doled out a novel code. It is then the duty of the maker to make reference to this code on names/testaments fastened upon each instrument sold by the producer or merchant.

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