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Legal Metrology Certification in Coimbatore

Every manufacturer or packer or importer of packaged commodities will require Legal Metrology registration/License under Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011. The Legal Metrology Registration/License should be made with the Director of Legal Metrology in case of Union Territories or The Controller of Legal Metrology in cases of States where the import or packing is made. The Legal Metrology license is valid for the entire country, On all the premises of import or packing mentioned in the Registration Certificate and on all the products or items mentioned in the Registration Certificate.

Licences in Legal Metrology

  • Licence as Dealers.
  • Licence as Manufacturers.
  • Licence as Repairer
  • Registration of Manufacturers /Packers and Importers of Packed Commodities.
  • Registration of Importers.

Mandatory details in packed or Repacked commodities

Every package or on the label securely affixed must contain a definite, plain, legible and conspicuous declarations as follows as per Legal Metrology guidelines

  • The name and address of the manufacturer / packer
  • The common generic name of the commodities contained in the package
  • The net quantity by weight / number in the package
  • The month and year in which the commodity is manufactured or pre-packed
  • Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
  • The net content should be legibly marked at a prominent place on the packaged commodity

Exempted Items

  • The net weight or measure of the commodity in 10 g or 10 ml or less, if sold by weight or measure.
  • Fast food items packed by restaurant or hotel
  • Scheduled and non-scheduled formulations covered under the Drugs (Price Control) Order,1995.
  • Agricultural farm produces in packages of above 50kg.

Basic Conditions Of Legal Metrology

  • It is illegal to manufacture, pack, sell, import, distribute, deliver, offer, expose or possess for sale any pre-packaged commodity unless the package is in such standard quantities or number and bears thereon such declarations and particulars as prescribed in the Packaged Commodities Rules.
  • Any advertisement mentioning the retail sale price of a pre-packaged commodity shall also contain a declaration regarding the net quantity or number contained in the package.
  • All pre-packaged commodities must conform to the declarations provided thereon as per requirement of the Section 18(1). There must not be any false declaration.
  • No pre-packaged commodity shall be packed with error in net quantity beyond the limit prescribed in the First Schedule of Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011.

Specific Requirements Of Different Classes Of Packages

  • Retailers
    Package intended for retail sale to the end user are called Retail Package which includes imported packages. Every retail package must be packed in standard quantities and It must also bear declarations in a prescribed manner.
  • Wholesale Packers
    Packages intended for sale to an intermediary and not to a single consumer directly and which contains several retail packages or bulk quantity for direct sale in smaller quantities are called Wholesale Packages. A whole sale package may be packed in any quantity and require limited declarations.
  • Packages for industrial and institutional consumers
    Packages intended for sale directly to an industry or an institution for their own consumption and which are not ultimately sold to a consumer do not require any declaration on them.

  • Import or Export of packages

  • Export Packages
    Exporters of packages do not require registration Packages meant for export exclusively do not require any statutory declaration, Such packages cannot be sold in India unless re-packed to conform to the Packaged Commodities Rules
  • Imported Packages
    Importers of packages require registration as per Rule 27. Imported packages will have to follow all provisions of the Packaged Commodities Rules.