Legal Metrology Certificate

The legal metrology is a part of Department of Consumer Affairs. It came into practice in the year 2009. It primarily deals with the monitoring and regulation of the import, manufacturing, measuring instruments. The legal metrology falls under the weights and measurements. The primary role is to ensure that the weights and the measures used in India comply with the standards. If your business sells or distributes packaged goods the legal metrology certificate plays a major role. Hence an efficient and transparent system of legal metrology gives confidence in trade and brings good environment in conducting the business. It is based on the system of metric and the international system.
Importance of legal metrology
  • The legal metrology certificate is helpful in trade.
  • For the maintenance of fair trade practices and protection of the consumer awareness legal metrology is used.
  • The weighing and the measuring techniques are now greatly improved.
  • Traceable measurements provide frameworks for the effective stock control.
  • Based on the measurements the Government can collect the revenue through excise and the taxes.

Documents required

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Deed documents
  • List of machinery tools
  • NOC from pollution control board.
  • Copy of GST certificate
  • Copy of PAN.
  • Ownership or tenancy document
  • Photographs.


  • Applicant may apply in LD-1.
  • The application shall be accessible to the nodal officer.
  • The application shall be forwarded to the senior officer.
  • Local senior inspector shall send a report to the Assistant controller.
  • The inspector may rise an objection.
  • Once the fees is paid, a copy is obtained from the Assistant controller and license is issued.

A firm or an individual who pre-packs any good whether a bottle or a tin which is suitable for sale is called packer.

Any commodity which is placed in package without the presence of the purchaser if sealed or not and has pre-determined quantity, then it is called the pre-packaged commodity.

Tank Lorries have 24 months of validity period. The counter machine has 24 months. Beam scale has 24 months.

No. A person cannot sell unstamped weights. It should have the license from the legal metrology officer.