FSSAI Registration

FSSAI can have the elaboration as as Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. This is helpful in formulating the control procedures of the food quality levels. The main intent is to ensure the safety and the catering satisfaction of each and every customer. The implementation of the FSSAI Act measures the toxic and the hazardous elements which are present in food. Any consumer should be confident to get into the eatery. Thus the hygiene is very important not only in the food but also in the surrounding ambience. Many of the malpractices adulteration, fraud, misleading claims which double cross the consumers must be prohibited.
Importance of FSSAI license/Registration
  • All restaurants, eateries, food business operators should obtain FSSAI license/registration which contain the 14-digit number and that should be displayed either I the food packages or the premises.
  • FSSAI regulates the food manufacturing, distribution, import and the export of food across the country which specifies scientific standards.
  • The FSSAI license/registration is useful to create the consumer awareness.
  • This gives the reliability to the company or any of the hotels that are involved in the food operating business.
  • The FSSAI license/registration also ensures that the each and every ingredient used is correct.

Documents required
  • Photo of the Food business operator
  • Identity proofs like ration card, voter ID, and PAN card
  • Completed and the signed Form-B
  • Proof of the premises like the rental agreement
  • Food safety management system plan
  • NOC from Municipality/Panchayat
  • Health NOC
  • Source of the raw materials
  • Form IX
  • Reports of the water test
  • Import and the export codes
  • Partners and the directors list.

  • Form- A application should be filed with required fees.
  • Obtain unique application reference number.
  • The RA may reject and accept the registration. Within 7 days of the receipt of the registration application the reason should be filed in writing.
  • If proposal is granted, food business operator should start the business.
  • RA may issue notice for the inspection
  • The inspection will be conducted in 7 days.
  • If the inspection is satisfied then the FSSAI certificate will be given.

FBO can approach the concerned designated officer of the intended area. Designated officer will create user ID and issue a new system generated license number. This number can be renewed through online process.

On the suspension or cancellation the FBO needs to stop the food business activities immediately. Carrying out the food business activity even after the suspension or cancellation is illegal activity. It shall incur into the penal actions under the FSS Act 2006.

FSSAI license/FSSAI registration issues the FSSAI license by the Indian railways designated Officers/registering Authority as notified by Food Authority.

Pulses/grains milling unit comes under the manufacturing kind of business. These milling unit exclusively covered under the State license.