Spice Board Registration

The Spice board is flagship organization for the development of the worldwide promotion and the development of the Indian spices. The Spice board acts as link between the abroad importers and the domestic exporters. The board has made quality and hygiene as the foundations for the promotional and development activities. The Spice board was established in the year 1987 under Spices Board Act 1986. It has great responsibility to produce and develop cardamom and export promotion of export promotion of 52 spices. The board has the headquarters situated in Kochi. The Spice Board has organized online campaign called Spice Train. This is to educate the Indian’s about country’s rich spice heritage.
Importance of Spice board
  • Spice is not just spice. The search for spice by the Britain brought in British Empire into our country and the rest is the history. Hence such spice must be grown, promoted and developed through Spice board.
  • The Spice board grants the certificate for the export of the spices.
  • The board also strive towards the stabilization of prices of the spices.
  • The board collects, compile and publicize the statistics with regard to the spices.
  • It gives advices to the Indian Government on the matters that are relating to the import and export of the spices.

Documents required
  • Application form Form-1
  • Self-attested copy of IE code
  • Bank certificate from the banker.
  • MOA, AOA and partnership deed that are self-certified.
  • Self-certified copy of the GST registration
  • Self-certified copy of the PAN card
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Self-attested certificate which is granted by the directorate of Industries.

Registration procedure
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  • Use our platform to get progress of the application.
  • Once the job is complete the registration certificate can be obtained. Under Section 11 of Spice Board Act the registration certificate can be obtained.


CRES stands for the Certification of Registration as Export of Spices. If the spice need to have an export or import then CRES is necessary added to the IEC.

CRES is issued for block period of three years. The block period at present has commenced from the September 1, 2011.

A request can be sent to the board. An affidavit can be made in stamp paper in the sample format. It should be submitted with the application form and the attested copy of IE code.

The registration can be suspended or cancelled under the Spice board Act& Rules.