DSC Registration In Bangalore

Digital signature certificate or DSC is a secured digital key that helps to certify the identity of a person and is issued by a Certifying Authority (CA). Normally, a DSC contains the holder's name, email, country, APNIC account name and a public key. In general, Digital Certificates uses Public Key Infrastructure that means the data can be encrypted by a private key and can be decrypted only by its corresponding public key. DSC is also known as the electronic credit card and it establishes the card holder's details while doing a business transaction on the web.
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Classifications Of Digital Signature Certificates
  • Class 1 DSC
    It can be used by the employers that are used to communicate with the employees through e-mail. It is issued to individual or private subscribers. This will check the user name and the email address of the applicant with the database of certified authority.
  • Class 2 DSC
    It can be used for both the business personnel and for private individual use. This certificate will confirm that the information provided by the subscriber in the application should not conflict with the well-recognized consumer’s database. It is used for sales tax returns, e-filing of income tax returns, Registrar of companies and VAT.
  • Class 3 DSC
    This is used for individuals as well as organizations. It is a high assurance certificate mainly used for e-commerce applications. It can be used in e-tendering or e-auction organized by the public sector or government companies. Also it can be used for submission of bid documents, supplier registration or expression of interests, downloading the contract and evaluation of tenders.

Documents required for DSC Registration In Bangalore
Organizational Certificate

  • Application Form
  • Authorization Letter
  • Identity proof
  • Organizational proof
  • Authorized Signatory proof
Individual Certificate

  • Application Form
  • Identity proof – PAN
  • Address proof - Aadhaar Card/Passport/Driving License