Society Registration In Bangalore

Corpstore helps to register the Society in Bangalore. Our society Registration consultants help to register society under the Society Registration Act. A society is an association of multiple peoples who are combined using a mutual accord to deliberate, govern and act cooperatively for some communal purpose. Generally, Societies are incorporated for the purpose of charitable activities like sports, music, culture, religion, art, education, etc.
There are various processes under Society formation. Our team of experts solves all the procedures in a hassle free way within a short duration of time. Society Registration Act was implemented for the purpose of augmenting the legal stipulations of society registration for the sake of literature, fine arts, science or distribution of awareness for bountiful purposes.
The society registration act, 1860 was made into effective by several state government approval and amendments. To form a society, there should be a minimum of seven members and these members can be Indian citizens or foreigners. The nationality of members does not matter. Register the Society and enjoy its benefits.
Objectives Of Society Registration In Bangalore
  • Promotion of fine arts
  • Promotion of political education
  • Grant of charitable assistance
  • Promotion of science and literature
  • Generating military orphan funds
  • Maintenance of galleries or public museum, Reading rooms or libraries
  • Promotion of useful knowledge
  • Collections of natural history
  • Collections of mechanical and philosophical inventions, designs, or instruments.

Features Of Society Registration In Bangalore
  • According to the act of society there should be 7 members as minimum.
  • The society having a minimum of 20 members and their annual income is minimum of 10,000 is eligible to register as society.
  • Regarding Tamilnadu apartment ownership act, the association for the apartment should be registered with a minimum of 5 members.
  • The management of the society is the 3 member executive committee.
  • The registration should be carried within 3 months with the District registrar.
  • Property papers copy
  • NOC from the landlord of the registered office