Patent Registration In Bangalore

Patent registration in Bangalore is done effectively by the dedicated consultants of corpstore. Our reputed firm has extended its services in various places like Yelahanka, Yeshwanthpur, Whitefields, M.G. Road, Shivaji nagar and Bannerghatta. Patent is given for the inventions and it is a kind of intellectual property which gives the owners the right to keep others away from using, selling, importing the work. The patentee enjoys the monopoly rights over his/her invention. The patentee can sell the invention during the patent period which is 20 years. Not only the patentee, the society also get the benefits from the invention. Innovativeness, advancement and technology are made available for the society through patent registration.
Patent registration in Karnataka is done only for the novel inventions. It should be non-obvious and should be capable for the industrial application. When the registration is done, the patentee has the freedom of exclusivity and there are possibilities of higher market share since the idea becomes brand or the product. The registration prevents the theft of the invention and there are possibilities of more monetary value and higher profit margins. The patent registration gives the territorial rights.
Every patents are honoured within the territory of the country. Separate patents are to be registered in different countries. If someone applies for the identical patent, the request will be registered. The patent registration gives the right to earn good amount of ROI (Return of Investment) and the patentee can have excellent market reputation. Patent registration in Bangalore is important since the patent holder has the opportunity to have courting with the clients. The public disclosure is available when the patent gets its registration. It attracts investors, shareholders and the customers.
Documents Required For Patent Registration
  • Patent application Form No 1
  • Provisional specification if complete specification is not available
  • Complete specification in Form no 2.
  • Power of attorney

Benefits Of Patent Registration

    There are various benefits of Patent and they are namely as follows,

  • The patent registration avoids the infringement
  • It increases the reputation
  • Provides the high profit margin
  • Encourages the settlement
  • Expands the market share