Sole Proprietorship Registration in Coimbatore

Claim your Sole proprietorship registration in Coimbatore and get lifetime valid Government certificate from Corpstore. Sole proprietorship is the easiest form of organisation, Owned and controlled by individual person. Sole proprietorship requires less legal complications. Proprietorship is a common form of business entity. Establishing proprietorship is very easy, Proprietor can invest money into the same or new business, no separation between the management and ownership. The main disadvantage of Proprietorships company is that the proprietor have unlimited liability and responsible for all the acts. If the business grows up and where the owner not able to maintain the records and business, then the proprietor can restructure his business and can convert into corporate level entity.
About Sole Proprietorships
There is no specific registration for proprietorship, proprietorship comes into existence based on the registration of respective tax such as Sale tax, Service tax etc., We, Corpstore helps you in registering the respective tax based on your requirement.
 Sole Proprietorship Registration in Coimbatore
Documents Required for Sole proprietorship registration
  • PAN Card details of the proprietor: The Proprietor and the business both are considering the same. Thus the Proprietor can use the PAN to open the bank account, obtaining license, certificates etc in the name of sole proprietorship and filing ITR.
  • The Aadhaar Card copy/ Voter ID: The ID proof is mandatory in the registration process.
  • Address of office:-
    The address copy is must for both rented property and Self-owned Property.

    • The Rent agreement and NOC is mandatory for the Rented Property
    • Electricity Bill or any other proof is needed for the Self-owned Property
  • Type of Business

    Service Based Business: The service based business means providing services via online and offline. Such business needs the following documents.
    • Certificate of Service Task
    • Chartered Accountant Certification

    Sales business/ Manufacturing: Selling of products through online and offline. The VAT applicable products are comes under this session. They need the below documents.

    • VAT/TIN Registration
    • Shop and establishment License
  • Bank Proof:-
    Cancelled cheque and Bank Statement which is not more than three months old.

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