ESI and PF registration in Coimbatore

Corpstore does the ESI registration in Coimbatore with a solid of experts. ESI is Employee State Insurance. It is a health insurance scheme launched by the Indian Government under Employee State Insurance Act, 1948. It is managed by ESIC (Employee State Insurance Scheme). For ESI, employer deducts an amount of the employee’s monthly salary. Whereas employer is obligated to contribute of his monthly salary. The aim of ESI is to provide medical benefits to employees and their families. ESI gives protection against Maternity, disablement and demise of the employees. Thus ESI registration in Coimbatore is inevitable.


ESI registration in Coimbatore is mandatory for all companies and corporations having more than 20 employees. If organizations have minimum strength, may also register voluntarily. If any company continues to grow to the strength of 20 employees may register themselves at intervals one month of having minimum workers.

Documents for ESI registration

ESI registration in Coimbatore is done using the following documents
1. Scanned copy of the PAN
2. Primary contact details like Email id and contact number.
3. MOA, AOA of the company
4. Partnership deed if the company if the company is a partnership firm.
5. Rental agreement if the company is on rent.
6. Address proof of the company.
7. Utility bills like electricity bills, gas connection bills and telephone bills.


EPFO is the largest social security organization and EPFO registration in Coimbatore is done by our experts. EPFO came into existence with the Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Act, of 1952. This extends to the whole of India. EPFO has more than 100 locations in India. The provident fund, pension scheme and insurance scheme for the employees engaged in the organized sector in India.


Companies that have more than 20 employees must mandatorily register according to EPFO requirements. If an establishment that has fewer than 20 employees can choose voluntary registration.

Documents needed

EPFO registration in Coimbatore needs the following documents
1. Incorporation certificate
2. PAN, GST certificate of the company.
3. Cross Cancelled cheque
4. Address details of Directors and partners.
5. Bank details like IFSC, bank name and branch name.

PF registration

Employee Provident Fund Organization launched the employees’ provident fund (EPF). This scheme ensures the financial security of employees after retirement. Under this scheme, both employer and employee must contribute an equal portion of the employee’s salary to the fund. If the number of employees exceeds 20, the company or establishment should have mandatory registration. If the employee strength, is fewer than 20 then they may have voluntary registration. The percentage of contribution is just 10%.
UAN is Universal Account Number. Employees who contribute to EPF are given a 12-digit unique number. UAN of the employees remains the same throughout the work period of the employees. With UAN, the transfer of PF balance is easier for employees. All PF accounts come under a single unified account. For employees, this number ensures that several employees cannot be held by their employees. With UAN, employees have access to their respective PF accounts through the online portal of EPF. UAN lets the employees coordinate their EPF accounts with different employees during their service period. Thus UAN registration in Coimbatore is necessary.