OPC Registration

One-person Company is a company that has just a single person as its part as indicated by Subsection 62 of Section 2 of the companies Act, 2013. Since individuals from a company are perceived as the company's shareholders or the supporters of its Memorandum of Association, One Person Company (OPC) is practically a company with just a single shareholder as its part.
OPCs are typically formed when the business has only one founder or promoter. Because of the many benefits that OPCs offer, business people whose organizations are at an incipient stage give more inclination to the production of OPCs as opposed to sole ownerships.
  • A single person owns the whole business,
  • No sharing of Benefit and Misfortune, it has a place with the one person company
  • The liabilities of one person company business are unlimited.
  • OPC has an perpetual lifespan
  • There is no public participation
  • Every opc company should mention their company name suffix as “(OPC) Private Limited”

  • One person must name as nominee.
  • Proposed company is needed to have enrolled office.
  • Approved and paid funding to be chosen.
  • The supporter and Director needed to have a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
  • The Directors needed to have a Commotion (Director Identification Number)

Documents required:

Proposed director and Shareholder - Indian Resident:

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Evidence for Address – Bank Proclamation or Telephone Bill or EB or Versatile Bill (Most recent)
  • Identification Size Photograph.

Proposed chief and Shareholder - Outside Public:

  • A Duplicate of Identification (Legal official and Apostille is required)
  • A duplicate of address evidence (Legal official and Apostille is required)
  • A duplicate of ethnicity verification (Legal official and Apostille is required)
  • Two identification size photograph

Register Office records:

  • In the event that the Workplace is rental, tenant contract is inescapable
  • Electricity bill (Not over two months old needed to be submitted)
  • A rent necessities to give a No Complaint Authentication from property manager to work the business (NOC) if not leased.

Procedure for registration:

Step 1: Name application:

An application for reservation of name of the company with the recorder of organizations to be documented. Candidate is permitted to give two names and one re-accommodation.

Step 2: Name Approval / Rejection:

On receipt of the application, CRC (Focal Enrollment Place) may either support or reject the application.

Step 3: Application for DSC

Digital Signature Certificate to be acquired for every one of the supporters and heads of the company

Step 4: Preparation of MOA & AOA

Each company should draft the MOA and AOA, and it's a required to append the computerized signature declaration in the two documents.

Step 5: Forms and Documents Filing:

Application for Enlistment of private limited to be recorded alongside MOA and AOA, assuming any, and other imperative documents and expenses.

Step 6: Certificate of Incorporation:

On being fulfilled, the recorder of organizations (ROC) will give the declaration of joining, will be assigned Commotion (Chief Recognizable proof Number), Skillet – (Extremely durable Record Number) and TAN (Duty Derivation Record Number)


No. According to the Demonstration, Just Indian conceived residents can form a One Person Company. Non-inhabitant Indians or people who don't live in India for more than 182 days can't incorporate an OPC.

No, FDI isn't considered One Person Company, assuming it will be, it will lose its One Person Company status.

No, the Demonstration obviously expresses that, the chosen one ought to likewise be an Indian inhabitant resident.

According to the Demonstration, Chosen one of one OPC, can't be a candidate of another OPC. In this occasion, the Chosen one needs to pull out his participation from both of the OPCs inside hundred and eighty days.

According to the Demonstration, the normal yearly turnover during the significant period ought not to surpass Rs.2 Crores. In the event that it surpasses, the company naturally get changed over to a Private Limited Company.

The Demonstration has not made any limitation for a One Person Company to turn into an individual from another Private Limited Company.

According to the arrangements of the Demonstration, The OPC can't convey business of Non-Banking Monetary Venture action including interest in security of any corporate.

In case it isn't explicitly mentioned in the incorporation report, it would be expected that the sole investor will be the sole chief.