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APEDA Registration

APEDA can have the expansion as Agricultural and Processed Food products Export Development Authority. It is Government organization that has been established in 1985. This has seen the establishment through an act for development and promotion of export of the scheduled products. The main object of the APEDA, is to provide the financial assistant, guidelines and the information about the scheduled products. Of-course the scheduled products must have the mention and description as the products that are mentioned under the APEDA Act are called scheduled products. The Central government has laid down many rules and the regulations for the efficient administration of APEDA Act. Many standards are set for the scheduled products.
Importance of APEDA
  • The APEDA controls and regulates the service levels.
  • For the exporters various advisory services are provided.
  • It improves the packaging of the scheduled products.
  • It is helpful in improving the marketing of the scheduled products.
  • In various aspects of the industries the training will be given.

Documents required

  • APEDA application form
  • Copy of IE code
  • Bank certificate
  • Cancelled cheque
  • Account statement for the last two months.

Registration procedure

  • Get into APEDA official website
  • Click the register as Member tab
  • Enter the necessary details
  • Verify using the OTP.
  • Once verification is complete supporting documents should be uploaded.
  • When required fees is paid, application number is generated.
  • On issuance of RCMC, login credentials are issued.
  • Finally the approval will be given by APEDA officials. Then the Certificate will be obtained.

Scheme for market development
Scheme for Infrastructure development
Scheme for Quality development
Scheme for Transport assistance

Major food products like pulses, vegetables that are processed, processed fruits, groundnuts guar gums, alcoholic beverages, oil meals and milled products.

Financial and funding for the members of the APEDA.

The amount of silk are produced and exported to other countries have legal rights by the Indian Government. Also it can get benefits.