SSI | MSME Registration

Registration of Small Scale Industries/Micro Small Medium Enterprise through Udyam registration gives trust to the people. It is a backbone for the economy. If the Company is in service line, manufacturing line the registrations can be done through MSME Act. It is beneficial to the business that is registered because in terms of taxation, setting up business and loans. Entrepreneurs choose the SSI/MSME since it has the merits said earlier. It gives the protection to the registered business against the deferred payments. It can be done through conciliation and arbitration in minimum time. If the buyer fails to make the payment on time, the buyer is required to pay compound interest with monthly interest. Many privileges are obtained when the registration is complete.
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Importance of SSI/MSME/Udyam registration

  • The SSI/MSME registration is helpful to take Government tenders with no troubles.
  • It can benefit from Direct tax Exemption in the yearly days of business.
  • The Indian Government can obtain collateral-free credit available to small business sectors.
  • The concession is available for all the Enterprises that have SSI/MSME registrations with us.
  • There is subsidy for the patent registration when small business has obtained registration.

Documents required
  • Identity proof of the applicant
  • Aadhaar card of the applicant
  • Photograph of the applicant
  • Business entity related documents are needed.
  • Address proofs of the working place.
  • Bank documents.
  • Certificate of Incorporation, MOA, AOA, Pan Card are necessary.

Registration procedure
  • Fill the registration form
  • Provide all required information
  • Upload the supporting documents
  • Then do the payment procedure
  • The executive will process the application
  • Once the application is approved, then the registration certificate can be obtained.


The PRC means Provisional Registration Certificate. It is provided by the SSI in pre-operative period. It avails the term loan facilities for the firms. It is helpful in getting facilities for accommodation.

The permanent registration certificate entails tax exemption as per eligibility. Power tariff concessions are also possible in various states.

This MSME Act 2006 facilitates the promotion and development of MSME. It also enhances the competitiveness.

The UAM is Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum is one-page registration form. It is present in self-declaration format. This can be filled online. When applied online unique identifier, 12 digit Udyog Aadhaar Number called UAM is obtained. It replaces the Entrepreneur Memorandum.