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Barcode Registration

A barcode is a machine readable code. It is in the form of numbers and the pattern of parallel lines. The parallel lines have varying widths and printed for the unique identification of the products. The lines and the patterns represent the numbers and data. Through the optical scanning, the basic information is read and entered into the computer system. It is helpful in eliminating the human error. It is crucial in getting the information tracked for large business and the organizations. Hence it gets rid of the time consumption. Now-a-days the barcode come in different shapes, sizes and wide range of designs. Thus the barcodes provide unambiguous and universal identification of the products.
Importance of Barcode
  • In the e-commerce platforms it is helpful in fastest tracking of the products.
  • The barcode is unique key to identify the product the accurate place and orders are traced.
  • There is an accurate control over the inventory.
  • The barcodes are useful in keeping the track of the assets.
  • The barcodes are used in the mail merge.

Documents for Barcode registration
  • A copy of GST registration certificate
  • Certification of Incorporation/MSME/Partnership deed.
  • Copy of company balance sheet
  • Copy of cancelled cheque of the applying company.
  • A request letter on the Company’s letter head.
  • PAN card

Procedure for Barcode registration
  • The process is completely online.
  • The authority for registering barcodes is GST 1.
  • The application filling is to be done.
  • Then upload all the relevant and supporting documents
  • Choosing the correct type and number of the barcode is important.
  • Confirm all the details.
  • The required fees must be paid.
  • Then the status of the application is tracked.

EAN-13 barcodes are 13 digit long. For all the retail products in India EAN-13 is the most common type of barcode.

Yes. The barcodes can work internationally.

No. Registered company is not needed for the purpose of purchasing the barcodes. Any individual, organization can purchase barcode.

Books generally need ISBN number. Later the barcode images on the number are bought online.

GLN is globally unique Number. It can be used by the retailers. It is done for the purpose of locating the identification of the suppliers.

12 digit UPC barcode system was designed in early 1970’s by GeorgeJ. Laurer in USA. A few years later 13 digit number.