Import Export Code Registration

IE code in India is registration of import and export companies with the Indian custom department which is involved in the import and the export commodities from India. IE code is issued by DGFT Directorate General of Foreign Trade. IEC will assist the person or a firm in taking the products or the services beyond the borders. There are many benefits available from the customs, DGFT, Export Promotion Counsel on the basis of IE registration. The IE code registration has life-time validity. Thus there is no need of renewal. No process is necessary for sustaining the validity. Also there is need of filing any return. With the help of our experts it is easy to obtain the IE code in some days with hassle-free process.
Importance of the service
  • IE code registration is helpful in acquiring the international market thus helping passing the customs legally.
  • IE code registration acts as primary document, which is there to initiate the international dealing.
  • When the international market is captures, the quality of the business will reach great heights.
  • The IEC registration requires authentic information. Thus, when IEC is obtained, the illegal dealing of the goods is avoided.
  • Obtaining IE code registration is great privilege for an individual as well as a concern.

Documents Required For IE code Registration
  • PAN card of the proprietor
  • Copy of passport
  • Rental agreement if the location is on rent.
  • NOC from the landlord
  • Bank certificate.
  • Digital photograph
  • Certificate of Incorporation issued by the ROC.

Registration procedure
  • Get into official DGFT website
  • Choose Apply for new Import/export code
  • Enter the PAN.
  • Then click the search option
  • Then login for IEC online application
  • Enter the OTP and update the master data.
  • Update the branch details and details of the Director.
  • Upload the documents and the fees.
  • Then the IEC is obtained.


RCMC is Registration-cum-Membership-Certificate which has been issued by the Export Promotion Council body under the Government of India. It is necessary for the business that deal with export of the restricted products which seek the benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy like duty withdraw.

The ITC (HC) code is called as Indian Trade Classification code that was adopted in India for both the import and export operations. It contain 8 digits.

India’s foreign trade legislation is controlled by Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act 1992.The Indian government allows the import and export from India.

IEC is not required if Import and export is done by the government department Import and export is done by some notified charitable NGOs. Products for personal use are imported or exported.