Nidhi Company Registration In Bangalore

Nidhi is a short form of National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations. It is a type of financial institution or a type of NBFC mainly involved in lending and borrowing money only to its members. Corpstore helps to complete Nidhi Company Registration in Bangalore under the Companies Act, 2013 and is managed as per the RBI’s guidelines. The whole transaction of Nidhi company is done only for the company’s members. So, the company members maintain the habit of saving money and investing it within the company.
These deposits from the members are again used for its members to provide loans or advances, and to acquire government-issued stocks/bonds/debentures/securities, etc. Mainly, the transactions are focused on the shareholders, thus RBI has exempted the notified Nidhi companies from the core acts of RBI. This makes the Nidhi company unique from other NBFCs. Nidhi Companies are affiliated and started by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Certain decisions of Nidhi companies are controlled by MCA.
Steps For Nidhi Company Registration In Bangalore
  • Gather all the Documents
    Submit all the related documents of Nidhi Company Registration. Our consultants will file the documents on behalf of the registrant.
  • Apply for Name approval
    Once the registrant applied for name approval, the next step is to apply for the company name. The company name must be as per the Rules and regulations of the Company incorporation. If the name is approved, then it is valid for only 20 days.
  • Apply for Digital Signature Certificate
    The next step is to apply for DSC. The DSC is required for all the directors/shareholders of the company for signing digital needs. DSC is a pen drive based signature which is used to sign online on computers. By using DSC, there is no need to get the physical presence of the directors.
  • Prepare all required documents
    After the approval of the company name, the client has to prepare all the pending documents for further registration process. During this time, MOA, AOA, INC 9, INC 10, DIR 2 etc are prepared and shared for signature.
  • File for Company Incorporation
    After all the documents get signed by the promoters, the next step is to file the company incorporation with SPICE FORM INC 32. At this stage the government fees have also been charged by the Govt.
  • Follow up & approval
    Once all the steps get completed, our professionals follow up the updates with the government. If the government is satisfied with the application, then the applicant gets the registration certificate within a short duration of time.