Logo Registration in Coimbatore

A logo is the face of our brand, when you build a brand awareness accompanies with your logo creates a good impression and consumers begin to make the valuable association between the logo and the brand. A logo which is complicated in design can make it difficult for people to connect with that association. Most successful designs are highly simplistic and indicative of their brand’s qualities. It is very effective to help build the brand’s identities.
Lasting impressions: A simple logo is very easy to attract and understand not only that, it is much easier to recall when people see it again and again. Simple logos usually create positive experiences because it triggers the crucial memory centres in the brain rather confusing with unclear and overloading messages. Logo registration offers you incredible things for your business growth.
Simple logos are very difficult to create since the brand’s story, promise, vision, mission and values are to be well defined and clear. Thus, the design has to express all those significant things in the forms of shapes, colours, lines and fonts. It is much easier to exaggerate the things than condense it down to a simpler form; hence a simple requires more work and ideas than a complicated one. When you plan to do logo registration, it is very important to select the right consultant who will guide you throughout the registration process.
 Logo registration in Coimbatore

Benefits Of Logo Registration

Benefits Of Logo Registration:

When you present a well-rounded business package which includes the graphics and the marketing materials, then your business would look more complete.


Some clients look for a defined company and their main criteria may be look and feel for making a purchase decision.

Convey that you are reputable:

A professionally printed material and a logo show that you are committed to both your business and to your clients.

Differentiate you with your competitors:

A well-crafted logo should have the subtle meaning which tell the story of how you do business, including the special things which stands apart from your competition.


Loyal Customers. The efficient logo always keeps loyal customers sticks with your product.

Advanced Business

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Registration Of Logo Procedure:

Step1: Logo search:

The very first thing is “logo search”, it is actually to evaluate the uniqueness of the logo. It is indeed to conduct a logo search before registering or using a logo. Without a proper search, there are possibilities that you will be sued for trademark infringement, or rejection of the trademark application.

Step2: Filing of logo registration application:

After you get a positive search report, you can proceed with the filing of logo registration application. Once you have received the acknowledgement, you can use the TM symbol along with the applied logo. Application for the registration of the logo can be filed through an e - filing system of logo registration, then the acknowledgement and the government fee receipt generated immediately after the filing.

Step3: Examination:

It is the issuance of the examination report from the registration office. Based on the receipt of the logo registration application, the registrar will issue the examination report after examining the application. Examination makes ensure that the application complies with the requirements of the law and that they are not conflicting with the already registered logos or subjecting to the earlier pending application.

Step4: Publication in the trademark journal:

If the registrar considers the logo mark as a distinctive one, he would do the publication of the logo in the trademark journal. When the application got advertised, anyone can oppose within 90 days from the date of publication and also the period may extend up to 120 days for the opponent. If the opposition is refused, then the logo proceeds for the acceptance of registration.

Step5: logo registration certificate:

If the application is accepted by the registrar, then he shall issue the certificate of registration under the seal of trademark registry to the applicant.We are one of the leading logo registration consultants in Coimbatore who do reliable and efficient business services to the clients. The best possible support will be given to the clients’ whole throughout the registration process at an affordable cost.