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Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration in Coimbatore ? We Corpstore register your private limited company with in 12 working days in Coimbatore. Private Limited Companies should have minimum of Two Members and Maximum of Two Hundred Members. The liability of the members are limited to the amount paid up on the shares held by them. The advantage of private limited company registration is Transferability of Shares, Separate Legal Entity, Perpetual Succession etc. The maximum number of directors in private limited company shall be 15 or as provided in the Articles of Association, The number of directors of a private limited company can be increased beyond 15 subject to the approval of shareholders. The private limited company which is subsidiary of pubilc limited company shall be a deemed pubilc limited company which cannot enjoy the privilege of a private limited company. We corpstore helps you in Private limited Company registration any where in India.

Private Limited Company  Registration in Coimbatore

Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration :

  • Only two members are required to incorporate a private limited company
  • There is no minimal capital requirement.
  • Commencement of business certificate is not required for private limited company.
  • Only two directors are required for private limited company.
  • Private Limited company has the limited liability
  • Private Limited Company has perpetual succession

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