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Private Limited Company Registration in Coimbatore

Corpstore is the market leader for services relating to private limited company registration in Coimbatore. It requires a minimum of two shareholders and two directors. It is the most prevalent and popular type of corporate legal entity. Now the process is very simple with Corpstore. The whole procedure is completely online and no one needs to register our office physically to get the registration.
Private limited company registration is governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014. MCA register your PVT LTD company and provide CIN number with certificate of registration. At the end of the process you have to open a current bank account and start your company operations. Private limited company is the best way to start a business, which secure your personal assets. It is the suitable and preferable form of start-ups to rise funding, ESOPs etc.
Partnership, limited liabilities and legal entities are the main advantages of a Pvt Ltd company and its include flexibility, greater capital combination, diversified abilities, etc. Accordingly, private limited company stands between partnership and public company. Corpstore is the best company registration service leader in Coimbatore. Get a free consultation for private limited company by scheduling an appointment with Corpstore professional support team.

Private Limited Company and Its Advantages

Separate Legal Entity
The entity means which has a real and distinct existence. Company is a legal entity and a juristic person organized under the companies act. The juristic person means a normal human being or a natural person.
Minimum number of shareholders
In a private limited company the minimum number of shareholder is 2 but in public limited company the number of shareholder is 7.
Legal formalities
The Legal formalities are very expensive and time consuming. But in case of Private companies there are shorter list of legal formalities for registration.
Disclosing of information
Every quarters the public limited company releasing their financial reports to public as it will affect public investment. Such obligation should not affect the private company.
Decision making
The complexity and confusion of Management and decision making is eliminated in private company series, because the number of shareholder is less.
Stock market pressure
The stock markets are not burdening any pressure on them. Likewise, the shareholder also not excretes them to get the expectations. But this situation is really reverse in case of public company.

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Service FAQ’s

There is no issue for registering your company at your home address. You need to submit the utility bill copy of the same.

Incorporation is another word to express the registration process. It is the synonym of company registration. The word is mainly used in connection with the company registration in India.

Conversion of your existing business into corporate identity is a complex procedure. The conversion is done reliability with our expert supports. You can contact to get more information.

Any individual or company or NRI can be the director of the Pvt Ltd company only if he have 18+ years old and require the DIN.

The annual compliance includes

  • Auditor appointment with the legal audit of the accounts.
  • Filing the annual general meeting, annual return, and financial statements.
  • Filing of Income tax return.

Private limited company has a minimum of 2 members and directors. The maximum numbers of members are 50. The total capital is formed with shares and each shareholder is partners. The director should meet all the transactions at regular intervals and must audit everything properly. The name of such company ends with the word ‘Private Limited”.

It highlights the credibility of business in the financial institutions, suppliers and potential clients. It is easier to get loans as a Pvt Ltd from banks or potential clients while entering into deals.

Service FAQ’s

There is no need to renew the company once it’s formed. The company is valid till the owners are closed by it. However, the company have to file very basic returns with ROC office.

Memorandum of Association is simply termed as MOA and Articles of Association specified as AOA. These are the rules based on some important aspects like main business of the company.

These are standard legal documents modulated by Company Secretaries during the registration period of the Company.

There are no limitations in the turnover. Private limited company is one of the modes of doing business. Even after the incorporation there will no obligations about the sales or turnover of the company.

Yes, company address can be changed at any time after the incorporation.

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There is no qualification for trademark registration in India. Trademark can be registered by any person, even the foreigners also can register the trademark in India.

The GST Registration is applicable when the company turnover exceeds Rs.20 lakh. Yet, the companies can apply for GST if the turnover does not touch the cross bound.