SEO/Digital Marketing

SEO is a type of digital marketing. It primarily focuses on indexing the website higher in search results on google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of increasing the quality of traffic. Thus organically we are using many techniques so as to get the higher ranking of the websites. In short if we describe, SEO involves making certain changes to the content and website design that make the websites more attractive and interactive. The job of Optimization is, where people write many contents and makes the search engine to understand what the website is intended to say to the users in the user’s point of view itself. Optimization makes sure it contains the title tag, Meta description and pointing the internal links that are used for the page.
Importance of SEO/Digital marketing

  • SEO is an intrinsic part in the digital marketing. It increases the visibility of the website at higher positions and should stand out among the competitors.
  • Digital marketing is prodigious marketing technique and includes many other marketing skills.
  • Digital marketing is not only the job of selling and buying the services or products. It is about the source of social interaction, information towards the brand.
  • To be frontier in the market in advertising the service or product among all the competitors, then digital marketing is the wise and best choice.
  • SEO is a pocket friendly and fixed paid service.

Benefits of SEO/digital marketing

  • It is helpful for the promotion of the brands.
  • It also builds the relationships with prospects and positioning the one as trustworthy expert in the field.
  • The content in the SEO is indispensable vehicle that interacts, engages the user. When new updates, futuristic views are brought in then the ranking of the websites get higher.
  • The website traffic is increased when the visibility and the ranking are increased.
  • The usability of the sites is increasing and paves the way for the seamless and positive user experience.

The On-page SEO refers to the used on a webpage to assist in higher ranking in the search engine. The on-page SEO consists of both HTML source code and content of page and does not involve external links and signals.

SEO is volatile. It changes every now and then. At-present the biggest change is the shift towards the mobile. The mobile digital media time is now significantly higher than desktop digital media time. Certainly there will growth in this field.

Keyword research helps in determining the keywords for which one should optimize current and future pages of the website. It is the way of determining which query people are entering into the search engines so one can show the page in SERP.

The keywords can be put or stuffed, in the first paragraph, H2 and can sporadically stuff in the rest of the post.