Society Registration

A society is a gathering of individuals who meet up to add to compassionate exercises like craftsmanship, training, music, culture, sports, and so on There ought to be at least seven individuals to form a society, and these people can be Indian residents or outsiders. In Tamil Nadu, the State Government directs the society registration and address the registration application to the particular authority of the state.

  • According to Society Registration Act 1975, Society comprising of at least 7 individuals will be perceived for registration.
  • A society that has at least 20 individuals or whose yearly gross income or use is at least Rs. 10,000 is qualified to enlist a society.
  • According to the guidelines of the Tamil Nadu Condo Proprietorship Act, the affiliation formed for the support of the loft ought to be enrolled with at least 5 individuals.
  • The Chief board of the Society will be the administration of the Society comprising of 3 individuals.
  • A society must be enrolled inside 90 days from the date of its formation with the specific Region Registrar.
  • Registration must be processed by an individual from the board of trustees or some other individual approved for this benefit.

  • Minimum 7 members
  • MOA with individual detail and proof

Documents required:

Members from the society

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Proof for Address – Bank Articulation or Phone Bill or EB or Portable Bill (Most recent)
  • Passport Size Photo.

Register Office records:

  • If the Office is rental, tenant contract is unavoidable
  • Electricity bill (Not over two months old needed to be submitted)
  • Occupant needs to give a No Protest Certificate from landowner to work the business (NOC) if not leased.

Procedure for registration:

Step 1: Name application:

An application is recorded to save the name of the company with the registrar of companies. Candidate is permitted to give two names and one re-accommodation

Step 2: Name Approval / Rejection:

On receipt of the application, CRC (Central Registration Place) may either endorse or dismiss the application.

Step 3: Planning of MOA and AOA

Each society should draft the MOA and AOA, each part name and address ought to include in this document and it's a compulsory to connect the digital signature certificate in the two documents

Step 4: documents filing and accommodation:

In this Step society individuals ought to present the documents alongside every individuals name and address.

Step 5: incorporation certificate:

All the document process once finished will pay the individual add up to the registrar with the duplicate of use receipt, the registrar will give the incorporation certificate with the portion society registration number


A Society/Affiliation is a coordinated gathering of individuals with the sole point and targets of non-profitable help. Registration of Social orders is discretionary. Registration of such an affiliation will have legitimate acknowledgment. It will be feasible to run society lawfully with discipline. Society can sue and be utilized.

Registrar of Social orders i.e., Region Registrar of an Area is named under Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Social orders Registration Act, 2001 is the power to enroll the social orders. Society can be enlisted in the office of the Registrar in which Area the society is proposed to be set up.

A base 7 people who have accomplished the age of 18 years can form a society or an Affiliation.

  • Affiliation could be formed for the accompanying purposes:
  • Craftsmanship, Expressive arts, makes;
  • Instructive, noble cause, social, writing and strict;
  • Sports (excluding shots in the dark);
  • Information on trade and industry;
  • Political instruction and preparing;
  • Keeping up with Library;
  • Assortment/protection of authentic landmarks, specialized and philosophical examination.
  • Advancement of logical temper in the society and so on
  • Dispersion of any information or any open reason.
  • Application
  • Proceedings of the primary gathering
  • Reminder of Affiliation
  • Rundown of individuals from Chief Advisory group with name, address, occupation, age and signature.
  • Bye-laws of the Affiliation.
  • Sworn statement
  • Passport size photographs of Chief Advisory group individuals (presently being demanded in a portion of the Region Registrar Offices)

The name will not be like one previously existing in the Locale. Name disallowed or enlisted by State or Central Government through leader guidelines or through Symbols and Names (Avoidance of Ill-advised Use) Act, 1950. Indian Organization or College.

  • Consistently the society inside fifteen days from the date of the Overall Body meeting will present a rundown to the Registrar of social orders. Also, that rundown will contain the names and addresses of the individuals from the Overseeing Board of trustees (Chief Council) and officers depended with the administration of the society.
  • Leader Advisory group will meet to some degree once in 90 days; and General Body will meet once in a year.
  • Changes, assuming any, made will be documented with Registrar. Minutes of the multitude of gatherings will be recorded with the Registrar of Social orders.
  • Society will choose Leader Advisory group individuals according to its bye law.

Update can be changed by approval in an extraordinary General Body Meeting required the reason in the wake of giving due notice and by approval another exceptional General Body Meeting called following 30 days once more. Byelaws can be corrected by approval of larger part of individuals in Exceptional General Body Meeting. Such altered byelaws will be recorded with the Registrar inside one month.