Trademark Registration

A trademark is a brand or a logo that you use to recognize your product from those of your competitor. The name Trademark is the official name for "intellectual property". One can likewise say that a Trademark is normally a name, word, express, logo, image, plan, picture or a blend of these components. A trademark identifies the owner of a product for a particular item or management.
  • Trademark registration secures your image name at the hour of business expansion, an enrolled trademark is superior to finding another one.
  • No different companies permit you to utilize this name without your consent and it will assist your business
  • To secure existing clients, a basic and great name with legitimate registration is helpful for the life span of the business.
  • The brand name of the web and web-based media is to assemble its clients when the enrolled trademark gets more access.
  • A trademark is an intangible resource. It effectively accomplishes positive feelings and lifts business development
Documents required:

  • Copies of logo
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Proof for Address – Bank Proclamation or Phone Bill or EB or Portable Bill (Most recent)
  • Signed form-48
  • Udyog Aadhar registration
  • Confirmation of Incorporation (in case of LLP or company)
Procedure for registration:

Step 1: trademark search and documentation

An application is recorded to save the logo or brand of the company to enlist their company image name and getting the documents for additional confirmation.

Step 2: draft a form

Filing a trademark registration, when we cross checked the given documents and filing the pre-confirmation form

Step 3: Form 48 and TM-1

An application is ready by the trademark lawyer. Form 48 and TM-1 will be ready for approval and signature of the trademark candidate. The bond will be made in the 100 Rs bond paper.

Step 4: registration filing:

Trademark filing is finished with trademark vault, the candidate should pay the require sum.

Step 5: confirmation alert

When the registration process is finished and the public authority is processing the application, the situation with the application is refreshed intermittently, if there should be an occurrence of complaint; a prot


In case it is a word it ought to be not difficult to talk, spell and recollect. The best trademarks are created words or instituted words or unique mathematical plans. If it's not too much trouble, stay away from choice of a topographical name, normal individual name or surname. Nobody can have syndication directly on it. Try not to embrace commendatory word or words that depict the nature of products, (for example, best, awesome, super and so forth) It is prudent to direct a market review to find out if same/comparative imprint is utilized in market.

Any individual, professing to be the owner of a trademark utilized or proposed to be utilized by him, may apply recorded as a hard copy in endorsed way for registration. The application ought to contain the trademark, the products/administrations, name and address of candidate and specialist (assuming any) with force of lawyer, the time of utilization of the imprint. The application must be in English or Hindi. It ought to be recorded at the suitable office. The applications can be submitted actually at the Front Office Counter of the individual office or can be sent by post. These can likewise be documented on line through the e-filing entryway accessible at the official site.

The Enlisted Owner of a trademark can make set up and ensure the generosity of his items or administrations, he can prevent different merchants from unlawfully utilizing his trademark, sue for harms and secure obliteration of encroaching products and additionally marks. The Public authority acquires income as a charge for registration and insurance of registration of trademarks The Legitimate professionals render administrations to the business people regarding choice registration and insurance of trademarks and get compensations for the equivalent The Buyer and eventually Buyers of labor and products get choices to pick the best.

The public sculptures i.e., the Exchange Imprints Act, 1999 and rules made there under. Global multilateral show. Public two-sided deal. Local deal. Choice of the courts. The functioning of the office is reduced to Manuals and rules and decisions of the Court Choice of Licensed innovation Investigative Board. Course readings composed by academician and professional specialists.

The register of trademark as of now kept up with in electronic form contains bury alia the trademark the class and merchandise/administrations in regard of which it is enlisted including points of interest influencing the extent of registration of rights gave; the location of the owners; specifics of exchange or other portrayal of the owner; the show application date (if material); where a trademark has been enrolled with the assent of owner of a prior mark or prior rights, that reality.

The registration of a trademark gives upon the proprietor the restrictive right to the utilization the trademark comparable to the labor and products in regard of which the imprint is enrolled and to demonstrate so by utilizing the image (R), and look for the alleviation of encroachment in fitting courts in the country. The restrictive right is anyway liable to any conditions entered on the register, for example, limit of space of utilization and etc. Additionally, where at least two people have enrolled indistinguishable or almost comparable stamps because of unique circumstances, such restrictive right doesn't work against one another.