Design Registration In Bangalore

Design registration in Bangalore plays a major role since it confers the applicant the rights against the unauthorized copying. Our prestigious firm is now serving in various places of Bangalore like Kengeri, Belagavi, Sarjapur, Domlur, HSM layout and JP nagar. The design registration gives the benefit of securing the filing date for all corresponding design application in other countries followed by within six months. Hence the design can be established overseas. It also increases the market awareness in the product and improves the competitiveness of the product. The third parties are denied from copying or imitating the design. When the design registration is done, then new avenue will be opened up in the commercial markets. Along with novelty, the design should also carry the commercial viability.
Design registration in Bangalore is important since design rights are protectable at low cost. In this fast moving competitive world, infringement can be controlled by the registration alone by suing those who infringes. The owner gets the exclusive right for the product with particular appearance. After obtaining the industrial design registration, it helps to establish the goodwill among the people. It attracts more customers, investors and design makes the product saleable.
The registered design can be considered as business asset. The success of any identity of the business can be related to the appearance of the product. The design should be very original, appealing and innovative and it should not be against the public order or the morality. Initially the design registration is valid for 10 years and it can be renewed and can be extended for the next 5 years. The Design registration in Bangalore is important since it gains all reputation and exclusivity to the applicant.
Documents Required For Design Registration
  • A certified copy of the original from the disclaimers
  • Affidavit
  • Declarations
  • Power of Attorney

Benefits Of Design Registration

The design registration in Bangalore has various benefits. They are

  • Design gives the protection
  • Exclusive right is provided to the applicant
  • A design can be licensed
  • Design registration procedure is short and the cost is less
  • It increases the business revenue