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ISI Certification in Coimbatore

ISI mark is the certification for industrial products in India. ISI mark certifies that the product confirms to the Indian Standard, mentioned as IS:xxxxx on top of the mark, developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the national standards bodyof India. The ISI mark is by far the most recognized certification mark in India. The name ISI is an abbreviation of Indian Standards Institute, the former name of the Bureau of Indian Standards.
There are list of items which are required to be certified by BIS mandatorily for the reason of public health, safety or mass nature of consumption. These include gas valves, cylinders and infant food and many of the electrical appliances, switches, electric motors, wiring cables, heaters, kitchen appliances, cement, automotive tires etc. Manufacturers of such products can't apply for ISI mark under the voluntary scheme. ISI mark certification is voluntary for product not covered under the list.
The prescribed format of ISI mark contains the logo and the code number of the standard specification preceded with the letters IS (Indian Standard).

ISI is mandatory for about 90 products, below are few examples.

  • IS 366 for electric iron.
  • IS 2347 for pressure cooker
  • IS 4246 for domestic L P G stove
  • IS 10913 for passenger car tires
  • IS 11536 for processed cereal based foods for infants
  • IS 12269 for ordinary Portland cement, 53 grade.


  • Harmonization with international standards
  • New and emerging technological areas
  • Environmental concerns and other national priorities, regulatory requirements and consumer needs.
  • Increased value of the product
  • ISI mark allows to manufacturer in foreign countries to access Indian markets, with a third party guarantee to end consumer.
  • BIS gives assurance to the quality, safety and reliability of the product.

How To Get Certified?

Before granting license to any manufacturer, BIS ensures availability of the required infrastructure and capability of the manufacturer to produce and test the product conforming to the relevant Indian Standard on a continuous basis. Samples are drawn from the production line as well as from market to check conformity of the product to the relevant Indian Standard.The ISI mark can be applied by any manufacturer who feels confident enough that his product has the ability to meet the BIS standard.

What We Do?

We Corpstore Business Solution specializes in consulting services throughout India. Our expert team members significantly reduce the efforts and burdens of the manufactures to obtain ISI mark, by scrutinizing the necessary documents at the given time. Also we ensure that the manufacturer follows the procedure and processes implemented by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The details regarding the technical standards are prepared according to the BIS guidelines.

Manufacturers Can Apply For Product Certification In Three Ways:

By submitting an application to the nearest BIS office. A BIS officer who evaluates the product and the manufacturing unit according to the standards of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Samples are drawn from the factory and tested. If the product meets satisfactory test results, ISI mark is granted to the product, so the manufacturer can use the ISI mark.

The manufacturer gets the product tested in an independent laboratory approved by BIS and submit the test results. BIS further checks the authenticity of the test results and issue the certificate accordingly which should not be later than two months.

Initial license is valid for one year which can be subsequently extended after renewal.

Misuse Of ISI Mark

Unscrupulous manufacturers use the ISI mark and cheat consumers without actually applying for the license through BIS. This point is acknowledged by BIS, which conducts enforcement raids on such manufacturers, whose numbers have been increasing every year.It is an offence if a manufacturing unit is using a ISI mark without a valid license. Legal prosecution is also launched on the manufacturer.