Coir Board Registration

Coir body has been established by the Indian Government under the Coir Industry Act 1953. It has been established for the development and promotion of the Coir industry. Most of the coir units located in rural areas of India. Also the workers there belong to the economically and socially weaker sections of the body. 80% of the women work in the coir industry. Thus the Coir board contributes to the women empowerment. The development of the industry in traditional as well as non-traditional states that produces the coir has enhanced employment opportunities. It also amplifies generation of the income. The Coir extracted from the coconut if the fibre of the future.
Importance of Coir industry
  • Going green is the call of the 21st century. Thus the natural coir from the coconut is eco-friendly. Coir industry does the promotion of it effectively.
  • Coir industry is agro-based rural industry. It provides the employment for over 7 lakhs workers.
  • Coir industry is export oriented industry and hence the Indian Government is playing the important role in reviving the lost fame.
  • The R&D department of the coir board has connected with different states and so many innovation activities related to the Coir are taken.
  • The use of coconut husk by the coir industry is estimated to be 40% in the current situation.

Documents required
  • KYC documents of the individual applicant
  • Non-individual applicants should submit appropriate registration documents
  • Proof of coir industry experience
  • EDP training certificate.
  • Industrial establishment certificate.
  • Detailed working of the project.
  • Plan and estimate of civil construction work.

Documents required
  • Benefits of Coir board
  • The Coir industry has spread out in various industries like upholstery, fishing, agriculture and food industry. It has spread out its wings so as to develop such industries.
  • It promotes the eco-friendly products and nature friendly products.
  • It is helpful in boosting the Indian economy.
  • The Coir industry exports to around 72 countries.
  • It also increases the women employment and it is helping the women empowerment.

Coir board is statuary body which has been established by the Indian Government. It was enacted by the parliament namely Coir Industry Act 1953. The main objective is to promote and to develop Coir industry.

The procedure for the registration is given in the registration page.

CUY is Coir Udyami Scheme. CUY is central sector scheme to have the administration by the MSME.

The scheme facilitates the development of the domestic markets, skill development, training, trade related services. It is undertaken through following 6 schemes.
a) Skill Upgradation and Mahila Coir Yojana.
b) Development of Production Infrastructure (DPI)
c) Export Market Promotion (EMP)
d) Domestic Market Promotion (DMP)
e) Welfare Measure
f) Trade and Industry Related Functional Support Services.