Copyright Registration In Bangalore

Copyright registration in Bangalore is necessary since it protects the creators and their creative work such as music, book, films, and fashion designs. Copyright operates against unauthorized copying without taking their permission. We Corpstore actively do the job of copyright registration. Our firm has expanded its services in Bangalore like Majestic, Shanthi nagar, Indira nagar, Madiwala, Hebbal and koramangala. The copyright registration gives the creative work a legal status and makes it an intellectual property. Exclusive legal right is given to the creation and copyright registration gives bunch of rights, adaptation, translation rights for the work. Some aspects like methods of operation, ideas, procedures and mathematical concepts cannot be copyrighted. The main criteria for a work to be copyrighted is that, it should be original. It should be creative as well.
Copyright registration in Bangalore is essential since copyright brings honour and wealth to the creator. The copyright gives the encouragement to the culture. It provides incentive to the authors and artists of the work. The copyright law gives protection, and it encourages the expressions alone. The copyright protection gives the right to do or authorizing others to do. Like any other intellectual properties, the copyright can be sold, mortgaged and leased. It strongly says that copyright infringement is actionable crime. It gives an evidence to the authorship and also it gives the privilege to its successors to establish their title in any case of the dispute. It is helpful in proving the copyright in the foreign countries. The copyright registration in Bangalore is important since it gives the holder the right to issue new copies of the work and right to grant license. The copyright holder has the right to communicate with the public and the holder has the right to have copyright for fixed terms.
Documents Required For Copyright Registration
In case of the artistic work

  • Two copies of the work
  • NOC is required for artistic if applicant is different from the artistic
  • NOC from the publisher of the work if the publisher is different from applicant
  • Search certificate from the trademark office
  • NOC from the individual

In case of the Cinematograph film, Sound recording, Literary and Music

  • Two copies of the work
  • DD
  • NOC from different copyright holder
  • NOC from the publisher if the publisher is different from applicant.
  • If attorney has helped in filling then power of attorney is needed.