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Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

Who is the best at trademark registration in Coimbatore? Do you have any idea? The answer is Corpstore. Corpstore is one of the best trademark registration service providers in Coimbatore where you will get all types of logo, design registrations services in associates with trademark. The trademark can be defined as the key of the business which highlight the identity and prosperity of the brand. The unique individuality of the identity marks the brand power. The brand power denotes the source of origin of a particular product or service. The unique identification of the trademark makes the product or service as exclusive while comparing with the similar products.
In India the trademarks are generally incorporated by the controller general Of Patents, Ministry Of Industry and Commerce, Designs and Trademarks, Government of India. Registration takes place under the Trademark Act, 1999.
The trademark may be a word, symbol, photography, logo, or even sound. It helps the clients to be aware of the particular product or service. The registered trademark protects the dignity of the service and legally prevents infringement in the usage. In trademark Incorporation there are 45 trademark classes are available. The registered brand is valid for 10 years. Individuals can register the mark under certain classes according to which category is the mark belongs to.
 How to Register a trademark in Coimbatore

Trademark Symbols

The “®” sign

The R denotes it is a registered mark. It is the reflection by companies to inform consumers and future trademark applicants that the sign is a registered one. It is denoted in the right hand side of the trademark in a smaller size. The “®” sign usage is illegal before the registration approval.

The “™” sign

The “TM” sign is only used for the products, not for the services. You can add the symbol to the Logo if the application is in pending also. It is mainly for unregistered trademarks. It prevents others from copying your logo, names, etc.

SM Symbol

The SM symbol is applicable for 35 to 45 classes. It is mainly used in the service industries. If there are any copyright issues it will not guarantee for protection.

C Symbol

It is used for the contents and which do not have any copyright issues. To claim the copyright it is really mandatory in many countries.

Documents For Trademark Registration

  • Any of the identity proof likes PAN Card or Passport or Election ID Card
  • Company Registration Certificate’s scanned copy
  • Signed copy of Trademark application
  • TM agent POA
  • JPG Format of Logo/Brand Name
  • If the applicant is a company then the copy of MSME Registration certificate.

Advantages of Trademark Registration

There are N numbers of benefits that are entrenched with the trademark registration in Coimbatore. Some of them are listed below
Legal Protection
The owner of the registered trademark is allowed to charge or take actions if any violation occurs by the third party. Another best method to protect the trademark is use it regularly. Every 10 or 5 year you have to pay the renewal fee to UPSTO.
Brand Value
The company’s intellectual property is reflecting through the registered trademark. The term brand value applies to the overall concept in a company including company’s promise and problems. The registered mark can be sold, or licensed to generate the revenue.
Customers always prefer to buy things from a registered brand company. The customer feels secure and comfort about the reliability of the brand.
Invisible Assets
Trademark is considered an Invisible asset. It has their own credibility at the time of merging and demerging of the company.
Trademark Registration in International level
If you want to register your trademark in other countries, you can apply for that in the basis of approval of TM registration in India. This helps to get brand awareness in globally and can promote your service or products in world wide.
All you need to know

Trademark Registration

  • Company & Trademark
  • Who can apply
  • Trademark Process
 How to apply for trademark registration online in Coimbatore

Why should I register my company for Trademark?

It is globally accepted that the unique or different brand is the most treasured assets of any business. Thus the customer can easily identify your products or service among those other competitors aiding in a similar domain. It is really important to preserve your logo from the infringement action of the third party. The only possible way to save your logo is applying a trademark of your unique brand logo. Thus trademark your brand logo before anybody claims the ownership of your brand.
  Where to Apply Trademark Registration Online in Coimbatore

Who can apply

There are no restrictions for anyone to apply for trademark registration in India. The list includes:
  • Private Limited company or Public Limited company
  • A society or Trust or Section 8 NGO
  • LLP or any Partnership firm
  • A Proprietor of Firm
  • Any Individuals
  • A Foreign company
 Trademark Registration Process

Trademark Registration Process:

Search & Classification

You can register your trademark under the 45 classes in the directory. We help you to properly classify and choose the trademark availability.


The applicant needs to maintain an affidavit about the trademark registration including the date of use of trademark, authorization to file the mark and so on.

Filing the application

The trademark application files within 24 hours after the settlement of documentation and other concerned payment. The TM on trademark can use after the generation of the filing receipt.

Certificate of Registration

The registration certificate gets generated only if the public and the trademark examiner don’t have any opposition against it.

Service FAQ’s

  • How can we select a good trademark?
    The good and best ever trademarks are invented words or unique geographical designs. It is because the words are easy to spell and remember. Don’t use geographical names, person’s name, or surnames. Avoid praising words. Choosing the correct one is really tough, before the selection conduct a wide analysis to get the details of the previously used trademarks.
  • What trademarks are invalid?
    The trademark which is already registered, or similar to any other ones, trademarks which are applied for the registration but not registered yet are in the invalid category lists. If the trademark shows any confusion, or deception then it may not be registered. Geographical names, common terms, abbreviations etc are not registered as a trademark.
  • What is a trademark class?
    The representation of trademark is under two categories, goods and services. The trademark registry has a list of 45 classes under which all goods and services are represented. The trademark incorporation application may grant when we mention the class of goods and services.
  • Do my trademark registration is valid over India?
    No, trademark registered in India is valid only in India. Some of the countries use the trademark registration in India as a basis for registering the brand in their particular country.
  • When can I use the TM mark?
    The TM mark can be used once the application is filed with the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks.
  • How long a trademark is valid?
    The registered mark is valid for 10 years from the date of filing. After reaching the 10 year validity the owner can reapply for renewal of the mark for the protection.
  • Shall I register the domain name as trademark?
    The domain name is ok to set as a trademark but the full extension of URL is not applicable for it.
  • What is a collective Mark?
    The collective Mark is used by an organization and its members as an identity.

Service FAQ’s

  • Where can we search for registered trademark?
    The registered trademark search is mandatory to avoid duplication and rejection. The search can be done in the public search website.
  • What are the penalties for the violation of trademark in India?
    The penalty of using an unregistered mark for the selling and of goods and services may lead imprisonment of 6 months to 3 years. As well as the fine amount may extent from Rs.50000 to Rs.200000.
  • What is the time duration for trademark registration in India?
    The trademark registration includes lots of procedures, hearing and objections. To get the trademark application number it takes 7 working days of filing a trademark form.
  • Are Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents the same things?
    No, trademark, copyright, and patent are different. Each of the service is used to safeguard the intellectual property rights. They are fundamentally different from each other and also used for the different purposes.

    Copyright: Protects the artistic work or literary work.

    Patent: It protects an invention

    Trademark: Protects the brand name logo on goods and services.

  • What are the details needed for trademark registration?
    Owner of the trademark, residential address, types of mark, details of the goods/services for which TM is in use, etc are the main documents needed for a trademark registration. Such information can be used in the Order form of TM.
  • What are the different stages of trademark registration application?
    Registering the trademark is a long term process, which depends on the merits of each stage. In some cases the phases of trademark registry is easy but in some extent it is really tough.
  • What are the credentials for Trademark Registration?
    There is no qualification for trademark registration in India. Trademark can be registered by any person, even the foreigners also can register the trademark in India.
  • What is the function of a trademark?

    It describes goods or services and its source

    It guarantees the quality level

    Best for advertisement Creates a good image for them