Shop and Establishment Registration in Coimbatore

The shops and the establishment act regulate the work conditions, list out the right of employees for the unorganised sector and provide a list of obligations for every employer.
Businesses which come under the shops and establishment act registration:
  • It applies to commercial establishment, hotels, shops, restaurant, theatre and the other places of public amusement or entertainments.
  • It includes charitable trusts, societies, printing establishments and educational institutions which run for the gain.
  • In addition, it includes the premises of insurance, banking, and stock or share brokerage.
  • A shop where goods are sold, either by whole sale or retail, or the services is rendered to customers. It includes a warehouse, go down, store-room or workplace whether in the same premises or used in connection with such trade or business.
Shop and establishment is required to register itself under the act and it should be done within 30 days of commencement of work, whether or not it has employees.

The objective of this act is, to ensure that the employees secure a uniform benefits in different establishments.
Shop and Establishment Registration in Coimbatore
Rules and Regulations:
This act sets the rules for working hours per day and week, rest interval, guidelines for spread-over, opening and the closing hours, national and religious holidays, overtime work, rules for annual leave, maternity leave, casual leave and sick leave, rules for employment of children, women and young persons, rules for the maintenance of registers and records, rules for employment and termination of services, display of obligations and notices of employers as well as employees.
As under the shop and establishment act, each and every business need to obtain the approval from the department of labour and keep the up-to-date registered which holds the details of employment, deduction, fines, advances, salary and holidays. The requirements may vary from state to state. File which relates to annual holidays and number of employees has to be submitted to the office of Municipal Corporation annually.
It needs to register itself compulsorily under this act within a period of 30 days of commencement of work. It is actually a basic registration; many other registrations require this as a proof for commercial business. Even banks require you to furnish all the necessary details in order to open a current account.
Documents required:
  • PAN card of the business owner or the business itself;
  • A copy of the rental agreement or a sale deed need to be submitted
  • Details of all employees;
Processing time:
The process can be completed within 5-7 working days. If the documents are not in a proper format or order, the inspector may ask for the additional documents, the process may complete as soon as you produce the required documents.