Patent Registration in Coimbatore

Easily file an online patent registration application in Coimbatore with Expert help from Corpstore. A Patent is a right for an invention granted for a specified period to the inventor, for disclosure of his invention excluding others, from making, using, selling, importing the patented product or process for producing that product without his permission. Patent protection is a right confers on the inventor only within the territory of India. Filing an application in India enables the applicant to file application in convention countries, the application should be filed within twelve months in convention countries. The inventor can straight away file complete specification. or file provisional specification, In case the application is filed with provisional specification, The complete specification should be filed within 12 months from the date of filing of the provisional application. There is no extension of time to file complete specification after expiry of said period of 12 months.
A patent application can be filed either by first inventor or his assignee, singly or jointly with other person. Legal representative of any deceased person can also make an application for patent. The application for patent should be filed before the publication, Disclosure of invention by publication before filing of the patent application may be detrimental to novelty of the invention as it may no longer be considered novel due to such publication. Only under certain conditions, A grace period of 12 months for filing application even after publication is allowed. The applicant after filing his application to his products for patent can use the word patent pending so that the public is made aware that a patent application has been filed for the invention. Term of every patent in India is 20 years from the date of filing of patent application, irrespective of whether it is filed with provisional or complete specification.
Patent Registartion in Coimbatore
What Is Patentable?

An invention to become patentable should have the following qualities:

  • Patent should be novel.
  • Patent should have inventive step
  • Patent should be capable of Industrial application.
What Is Not Patentable?
  • An invention which is frivolous or which claims anything obvious contrary to well established natural laws;
  • An invention the primary or intended use of which would be contrary to law or morality or injurious to public health;
  • The mere discovery of a scientific principle or the formulation of an abstract theory;
  • The mere discovery of any new property of new use for a known substance or of the mere use of a known process, machine or apparatus unless such known process results in a new product or employs at least one new reactant;
  • A substance obtained by a mere admixture resulting only in the aggregation of the properties of the components thereof or a process for producing such substance;
  • The mere arrangement or re-arrangement or duplication of known devices each functioning independently of one another in a known way;
  • A method or process of testing applicable during the process of manufacture for rendering the machine, apparatus or other equipment more efficient or for the improvement or restoration of the existing machine, apparatus or other equipment or for the improvement or control of manufacture
  • A method of agriculture or horticulture;
  • Any process for the medicinal, surgical, curative, prophylactic or other treatment of human beings or any process for a similar treatment of animals or plants to render them free of disease or to increase their economic value or that of their products.
  • No patent shall be granted in respect of an invention relating to atomic energy falling within sub-section (1) of Section 20 of the Atomic Energy Act, 1962.
Documents needed for Patent Registration
  • Duplicate copy of the Patent grant Application
  • The Duplicate of Provisional specifications. If the Provisional specifications is filed it must followed by the complete specification within 12months.
  • Duplicate Drawing
  • Duplicate of the Invention Abstract
  • Priority Document in convention application
  • Power of attorney
  • Fees (to be paid in cash/by cheque/by demand draft)

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