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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration

Looking for LLP Registration in Coimbatore ? Corpstore to incorporate your LLP with in a short period of time. Limited Liability Partnership is an extended version of partnership firm. The limited liability partnership is a new corporate form that provides an alternative to the traditional partnership. The limited liability partnership Act, 2008 ( LLP Act ) came into force on 31st March 2009. The Limited Liability Partnership is easy to run at the same time providing limited liability to the partners. The limited Liability Partnership Rules,2009 have also been notified by the central government in phases since 1st April, 2009. The LLP will be registered in the Ministry of corporate affairs as like private limited company. A Limited Liability Partnership has the advantages of combining both Corporate and Partnership into a single form of organization and the partner is not responsible for the misconduct or negligence of another partner or partner's. We corpstore helps you in LLP registration any where in India.

Limited Liability Partnership Registration in Coimbatore

Difference Between LLP and Partnership Firm

In case of Partnership firm, Every partner is liable , jointly will all the other partners and also severally for all acts of the firm. Under LLP liability of the partner is limited to his capital contributed to the LLP. No partner is liable for the act of other partner. LLP will have more flexibility as compared to the partnership firm. LLP is organised and operated on the basis of agreement between the partners.

LLP Registration in Coimbatore