Barcode Registration in Coimbatore

Barcode registration enable flexibility and independency which reduces the end product costs to consumers. Data sharing made very faster, accuracy is maintained and unique across multiple traders in the supply chain. Barcode is to develop and implement user driven standards in Trading. Barcode registration helps in identifying the products. Barcode registration enable unique and universal identification of products, assets, services, entities or locations, data capture in supply chain information between trading partners including manufacturers , suppliers, retailers, logistics providers and among the end consumers.

What is Barcode?

A barcode is a series of vertical bars and spaces carrying information about the product to which it is affixed in a system readable format. Barcodes registration enable automatic data capture with 100% accuracy. Barcode registration enables the use an effective tool for automatic identity and data capture. Barcode is of a pattern of black bars and white spaces printed on product packaging with data embedded in it to identify the product or its qualities. Barcode enables automatic data capture at high speeds and with great accuracy. Barcode can be of one dimensional or two dimensional. Barcode encodes identification numbers (keys) to identify uniquely and universally the products, cartons, shipments, locations, documents etc.
 Barcode registration in Coimbatore
Barcode printed on product packaging is scanned using a barcode scanner which transmits the data to a computer for processing such as Billing, Stock Management etc. Barcode is a 13 digit product code (Global Trade Identification Number- GTIN) acting as key to access information on other product attributes such as MRP, product description etc. Barcode facilitates the exchange of information between buyers and sellers and also provides the potential for better visibility among the products.
Benefits Of Barcode
  • Automated data capture with 100% accuracy
  • Real time management of raw materials and finished goods
  • Quick and accurate data recording on product.
  • Easy to integrate with existing softwares.
  • As per standard of growing requirements of markets across the globe
  • It full fills the requirements of international retailers and whole salers.
  • It gives the product international look and feel.
Different Types Of Identifications In Barcode
  • Consumer item for retails.
  • Location Identifier
  • Logistics sector
  • Returnable Assets
  • Fixed assets
  • Documents
  • Freight consignment etc.,
Financial Assistances
Certain Classes of companies can get financial assistances upto a maximum of 75% of the fees paid on bar code. We Corpstore assist you in getting the same.