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Alterations in Company’s Name, Article, and Memorandum

Alterations are common everywhere. The company must be responsible for the changes that occur in their memorandum, or article. Alteration in memorandum or article Companies Act, 1956: Section 40 Each and every alteration of memorandum or article is very important to be noted in every copy of the articles. Even the resolution used after such …


Guiding instructions issued by government regarding similar names

If the proposed name includes the name of a registered trademark, then such a name should not be permitted to be registered as the company name unless the consent of the owners of the trademark has been produced by the promoters. If a name is identical with or too nearly resembles the name of which …


Rules and Regulations to Incorporate One Person Company

Rules and Regulations to Incorporate One Person Company Under Companies Act 2013 In chapter two of 2013, all the sections should be read with the company rules 2014.  All the 35 rules that are presented in companies rules 2014 has pertained to the incorporation of the company.  From rule number 3 to 7, it is about …