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Application of insolvency rules in winding up of insolvent companies

In the winding-up of application insolvency company, the same rules shall prevail and be noticed with regard to: Debts provable The valuation of future and annuities and contingent liabilities The special rights of secured and unsecured creditors Application insolvency rules in winding up of insolvent companies Provided that the security of all secured creditor shall …


Control of quality records ISO 9001

The quality system is explained by the ISO standard needs the supplier to start and keep procedures for the identification, collection, indexing, filing, storage, maintenance and disposition of quality records. Quality records. The control of quality records provide the objective evidence that the requisite product quality has been attained and that the various elements of …


Obligations of companies registering under the section 374

Every company registration has done under the section 374 and this part shall have: Check that secured individuals of the company, previous to its registration under this section shall have either confirmation or no objection to company registration under this section. Issue in a newspaper, advertising your details of your local language and English is …