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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Foreign Private Limited Company Registration in India.

India is the most democratic nation in the world. It maintains a hybrid legal structure with a mixture of civil, religious, environmental, and common law within the legal boundary. For the investment, the rules are very tolerant and it is really useful for the public at large. Actually, the economic development of India strongly depends on Foreign Direct Investment.

The FDI is the main financial source for commercial elaboration. Including, FDI leads a better infrastructure and a healthy environment. Consequently, each year the inflow of FDI is increasing wider and wider.

FDI Impact on company registration

The FDI for a particular business in India should please certain Indian rules and regulations. Then only they can possess the business or investment in India.

Ultimately, FDI has a magnetic power to attain the attention of foreign capitals. But it is really tough to main attain the equilibrium between the local working population and the economic criteria.

I believe that you got a skeletal view of the foreign impact on Indian rules?

Let us discuss deeper about the exact view of the foreign company formation in India.

Accordingly, registration of a company in India through FDI is very fast and easy compared to others. For a private limited company or a limited company, the FDI allowance is 100%. Thus they can invest in a particular business or start a firm by foreign tactic through the Indian market. Therefore, the FDI concepts liberated, in the 1991 crisis.

Is it easier to incorporate a foreign company in India?

Of course yes!! A private limited company or foreign company incorporation in India is easier, cheapest and fast for foreign nations and companies.

Specifically, the Companies Act gives the exact definition of the Foreign Company. So as to, a Foreign company is a company which is located outside India but its registered place or any other business parts may be situated in India.

In this blog we discussed about the bizarre truths behind foreign private limited company registration and its process in India.
Next, we are gonna talk about the requirements for private limited company registration.

At first, there must be a minimum of two members and a place of business in India. The Private limited company must have a minimum of two members as its directors and a minimum of two are the shareholders.

I mean, here among the two directors, one should be an Indian citizen.  For the registration process, the company recruits one person, who should responsible for the communication with the MCA portals.

What are the requirements needed to submit for the filing of a foreign private limited company?

For the registration of the private limited company, certain documents have to submit within 30 days to the registrar of the company, once it establishes its place of business in India.

The following are the required documents, need to submit.

1) Memorandum of association and article of association.  (Subsequently, the memorandum act as the face of the company to the society after the filing has done.)

2) Address of the registered business place

3) List of the company directors and secretaries.

4) Official name and address of the person, who receives all the registered documents on behalf of the company.

5) Details of the Company’s closing and opening time on earlier occasions.

6) The list of directors of the company.

Here I am going to share you some sectors which require the approval to get FDI.

1) LNG pipelines, petroleum sectors

2) Defense areas.

3) Atomic Minerals

4) Courier/ Postal service

5) Tea factory

6) Satellites formation industries

In this blog we discussed about the bizarre truths behind foreign private limited company registration and its process in India.
There are two ways that a foreign country can invest in India.

The first is the Automatic route and the second one is approved route.  Shall we discuss something brief??? Ok here is the answer.

In contrast, Automatic route states that if our company merged under this category there is no need to take permission from the reserve bank or the government of India for the investment to the company.

Conversely, we can directly register and invest in the company’s account.

By the way, here in the approved route the foreign investor or the government company should take permission from the Government of India before investing.

Despite, this route also specified as government route.

Conversely, The applications for the FDI are rendered to the national agency of the government of India. Briefly, it is termed as Foreign Investment Promotional Board (FIPB). Either way, The FIPB will not submerge under the automatic route. It is an approved route.

Next, we are gonna discuss the company registration procedures in Foreign nationals

Initially, for the incorporation, they need two directors in India, whereas one should be a prominent citizen in India over 182 days. Secondly, the documents of the address and identity proof. Thirdly, we have to file the Director Identification Number after all gets set.

The DIN validation is preferable for a lifetime. Further, we want to be a director the DIN is a must and mandatory. Eventually, after the DIN registration company name has to get filed and approved. Hence, Once the name of the company gets registered we can apply for the company registration.

 Incorporation is made!! Then what is the next procedure?

Basically, The most needed thing based on a company is the paid-up amount. Accordingly, after filing the company we have to invest particular paid-up amount as discussed earlier, to the company’s bank account. Accordingly, after investment intimation of the deposit should submit to the Reserve bank of India.

In the case of the Chinese company, they can register the private company and public company in India without any resistance. 

As a result, If the Chinese company do not want to register its company in India but want to register its branch or project office, in such situation they have to get the approval from the RBI.

 Here are some of the particular forms that can be registered by a Chinese country or foreign individuals.

•              Private Limited Company

•              Public Limited Company

•              Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

•              Branch office, Project office


Company registration has a vital role in every entrepreneur’s life. Probably, Here in this blog, we discussed the private limited company registration of foreigners in India. The foreigner can easily file their company in an effective manner. Accordingly, To make a reliable registration with the entrepreneur is the main focus of Corpstore.  Corpstore is a well-known business consultant located in the center of Coimbatore. So that, You can feel free to contact the team whenever you need. The right choice is in front of you.

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