The reason why we love LLP Registration

The reason behind LLP Registration is here!! Limited liability partnership is partnership firms where all the members or some of them are limited by their responsibilities over the organization. Correspondingly, LLP is allowing the partners to benefit from the economic scale by working as cooperated. It provides more flexibility within the partnership firm. In this firm, there is no share, shareholders, and directors. Like, there must be two members as its partners. Similarly, the one partner, who should carry all the additional requirements and legal responsibilities behalf of the members, and another partner.

Overview of LLP

•        Minimum limit of the members on the LLP is two.

•        Likewise, there is no maximum limit on the member specifications.

•        Here must be two individual designated partners as its members and one of them should be an Indian resident.

•        If you want to register your company as a Limited liability partnership, then you must index your company under the limited liability Act, 2008.

•        Rather, the cost of the company filing is low.

•        Rules and regulations are in a considerable amount.

Registration steps for LLP

1)      Attain the Digital Signature Certificate

2)      Checking for the Director Identification Number

3)      Allotment of the Desired Name

4)      LLP Registration

5)      Agreement and regulation filing

reason behind the llp registration

Attaining the reason for Digital Signature Certificate

The filing process demands the digital signature of the designated person. Conversely, we have to obtain a digital signature certificate before the company registration.  Although, the online registration process requires a digital sign. We can get the certification of a digital signature from government-affiliated agencies. The DSC is allied with PAN card. If the registration needs anything further you can submit the photography along with address proof.

Checking for the DIN

Obviously, you have to obtain the director identification number of the designated member. Including, for the registration, we are using Form DIR-3. We have to attach the PAN, Aadhar copy along with the form of registration. The form should be signed by the company desk or the Director of the company where the employee has already worked.

Reservation or the reason of the Name

The Limited liability partnership-reserve unique name (LLP-RUN) is filed for the admission of the name of an LLP. MeanWhile, it is processed by the Central Registration Number under Non-STP. Before quoting the name on the form you have requested to search the free name on the MCA Portal. Here in the MCA portal, you will get all related names of others relating to your search conditions. The Registrar approves the name only after getting verified from the MCA portal. If the name already exists then it will be canceled by him. The resubmission of the RUN is allowed within 15 days from the defect detection.

LLP Registration

The form used for the LLP Registration is Form of incorporation of Limited liability partnership and it is registered by the Registrar. Two designated members are allowed for the allotment of the incorporation. If the given name is registered then that name is taken for the LLP incorporation.

Reason behind agreement Filing

The LLP agreement must be filed on the MCA Portal using Form 3. Form 3 should be filed within 1 month from the company registration. The LLP agreement has to write on the stamp paper and this stamp paper is really different from state to state.

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