Issue of shares

Do you wish to make an offer for sale of shares to the public ?

(a)’”further public offer” means an offer of defined securities by a listed issuer to the public for subscription and contains an offer for sale of identified securities to the public. (b) “initial public offer” means an propose is described securities by an unlisted issuer to the public for subscription. 2. Make full disclosures about the …


Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is another corporate business entity. It offers the advantages of limited liability of a company. LLP is also grants its members the flexibility of arranging their internal management on the base of a mutually-arrived terms. In the case of a partnership firm. In general, this information would be useful for small …

chair person
company registration

FAQ for Company registration in India

One of the important requirement that every business have their security aspect is for their company registration. The protection of brand name and the company asset is build on the government regulation in India. So, your business is safe for all the transactions in the future. We Corpstore are here to help you the best …

Board members

Do you wish to set up a project office in India ?

Project office is a place of business to be the interests of the foreign company implementing a project in India. But excludes a Liaison Office. To set up project office in India, you can follow the given procedures. Site office means a sub-office of the project office established at the site of a project. But …