dematerialise of shares

Do you wish to dematerialise the shares of your company

Dematerialise the shares 1. While going for dematerialisation of shares one has to keep in mind the following : (a) The Depositories Act, 1996. (b) SEBI (Depositories and Participants) Regulations, 1996. (c) SEBI (Custodain of Securities) Regulations, 1996. 2. Determine the number and value of securities to be dematerialise. 3. The SEBI ( Issue of …

Issue of shares

Do you wish to make an offer for sale of shares to the public ?

(a)’”further public offer” means an offer of defined securities by a listed issuer to the public for subscription and contains an offer for sale of identified securities to the public. (b) “initial public offer” means an propose is described securities by an unlisted issuer to the public for subscription. 2. Make full disclosures about the …