Management of administration

The management and administration of an company may have certain restrictions. It contains all authorities to the directors.

Provisions as to resolutions for appointing or removing auditors management

Where observation is assigned of such declaration and the retiring auditor creates with respect thereto statements in writing to the company and desires their declaration to company members. The company shall unless, the statement are gained by it too late for it to do so.

In any attention of the declaration provided to company members, state the reality of the statements having been made. The company registration stipulations which includes an private limited company must appoint their auditors in certain rules.

Send a copy of the statements to all company members to whom interest of the meeting is sent, whether before or after the revenues of the statements by the company.

If a copy of the statements is not sent as same because they were gain too late or because of the companies default the auditor may need the declarations shall be read out at the meeting.

Specified that copies of the statements required not be sent out and the statements need not be read out at the meeting if, on the application either of the company or of any other person who declares to be anguished. The government is fulfilled that the rights discussed by this sub-section are being treated to gain needless publicity for malicious thing. The company’s costs on such an application to be paid in total or in section by the auditor.

Appraisal of company’s events in other cases

Management of administration

Without bias to its abilities under section 235, the government may:

Shall appoint one or more capable persons as inspectors to explore the company affairs and to describe thereon in such way as the government may direct:

  • The company have a special declaration
  • The court by order

Specifies that the company affairs ought to be explored by an inspector appointed by the government of central.

May do so if, there are positions suggesting their registration

Which the business of the company is performed with desire to deceive its members, creditors or any other persons or otherwise for unlawful purpose or fraudulent or in a way close of its members or which the company was registered for any unlawful purpose or fraudulent.

The persons referred in company registration or the management of its cases have in connection therewith been fraud or guilty.

The company members have not been given all the details with favour to its cases which they might moderately await containing details relating to the sum of the charge payable to director.

Application under section 397 or 398

In any other body corporate or a company is responsible to be wound up under this act and it occurs to the government from any such report as same that it is beneficial so to do by reason of any such positions are mentioned in sub-clause I or ii under section 237. The government may unless the company or body corporate is already being wound up by the board.

  • A request for the winding up of body corporate or the company on the ground which should be wound up.
  • An application is made under section 397 or 398 for their company registration
  • Both application and a petition as same registration process.
Investigation of ownership of company

Without loss to its abilities under this clause, the government shall appoint one or more examiners under sub-section (1). If the board, in the course of any cases before it, mentions by an order that the company affairs ought to be explored as regards the company membership and other matters describing to the company must registered in the cities like Coimbatore, Madurai and Salem, for the reason of deciding the true persons.

Who are or have been financially concerned in the failure or success, whether apparent or real of the company.

Who are or have been able to manage or essentially to impacts the company policy.

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