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Beneficent role of trademarks

The trademark registration is most important for your products. Because your products should be registered with your logo or your brand name. So, the people should trust your products, you need to register first. We discuss in these articles about the beneficent role of trademarks.

Beneficent role of trademarks

Trademarks claim to provide several social benefits. Such benefits are attributed to the identification. The guarantee function of trademarks, when they are relied on by consumers in purchasing goods. The main benefits are reduction of losses associated with errors of commission and of omission. By trademarks the resources and time spent in avoiding the above errors is considerably reduced.

Avoiding Errors of Commission

Regarding errors of commission, trademarks can reduce the incidence of repeated errors merely by identifying “good” and “bad” sources of goods and services. Consumers widespread reliance on trademarks, even when buyers do possess substantial expertise. So, that indicates the consumers believe they are benefited from trademarks. As supply of quality goods creates goodwill. It is emphasized that the resulting goodwill is the only incentive for the producer to supply “good” quality goods or services.

Avoiding Errors of Omission

Trademarks contribute in avoiding errors of omission in their purchases. In the absence of trademarks, consumers would under estimate the quality of some goods as well as overestimate the quality of others. Because trademarks also serve as an index of quality in the eyes of consumer. Consumers can match qualities and expectations with the identification provided by trademarks. Brand name indicate one quality and also give the consumer a means of retaliation. If the quality does not meet expectations, as the consumer may then curtail future purchases of that trademark.

He can also take recourse to remedies against the manufacturer, not under trademark law, but under the law relating to consumer protection or Sale of Goods. Many a time, new products are associated with old brand names. This ensures the prospective consumer of the quality of the product as perceived by the goodwill. This is the main indirect way of identifying quality through the use of trademarks.

Facilitator in Complex purchases

Beneficent role of trademarks

Trademark, in some cases, facilitate the process of purchase of complex durable goods, such as automobiles, TVs and radio sets. It is noteworthy that privately operated product rating and reporting services in the United States. The United Kingdom could not operate without the identification provided by trademarks. The whole idea behind product rating is to reduce purchase errors. In India, some trends are there but precise product rating is not yet being undertaken.

The advertising efforts contribute to the employment of skilled people and create domestic linkages. The role of advertising in financing the entertainment industry, local radio and TV programmes and as a sizable source of income for newspapers and magazines is apparent.

From the view-point of consumers, reputed trademarks normally provide information about new products and give them some indication of the quality of the goods they may want to purchase. The introduction of modern products can save time. It offer goods or services which may otherwise not be available.

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