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Company registration types in Coimbatore

The companies act 1956 says that a company means. A company formed and registered under this act 1956 or an existing company. On company registration, a company is able of rights, duties, owning property and incurring duties in its own name. If the company registration is to be done, then the company has  benefits of legal entities of that moment. There are many company registration types in Coimbatore. We discuss about the major company registration types in Coimbatore.

Company registration types

The different types of company registration in Coimbatore are Limited Liability Partnership(LLP) ,Partnership Fir, Sole Proprietorship, Section 8 Company, Public Limited Company, Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC), Producer Company, One Person Company(OPC).

Registering a new business in Coimbatore has some official procedures. The company registration process has to follow in MCA (ministry of Corporate Affairs). There are many valid documents are submitted for your company registration process. Coimbatore is a place of opportunity, no matter in which field of your business is to registration. Starting a business in Coimbatore would fetch you great success.

Company registration types

Today, everyone wants to start their business. If they want to start their company with their own. They need to first register their company with their regions. The company registration is an important element in Coimbatore.

The different types of company registration in Coimbatore are.

  • Limited Liability Partnership(LLP)
  • Partnership Firm
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Section 8 Company
  • Public Limited Company
  • Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC)
  • Producer Company
  • One Person Company(OPC)
  • Private Limited Company

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


The Limited Liability Partnership  means a partnership formed and registered under the LLP act 2008.  (LLP) have two designated partners who are individuals. Any one of them shall be a resident in India. The term individual in the ordinary course shall mean a natural person.

Further, it has not been confined to a resident individual. This means any individual, whether resident in India can become a partner in LLP.Where the registration document specifies the names who are designated partners. Such persons shall be designated persons on registration.

Partnership Firm

Incorporation of Company

At least two persons are mandatory to form a partnership. However, the law lays down a maximum figure, beyond which the partnership would become illegal. This maximum number is fixed at 10 in case of banking business and 20 in case of other business.

Essentials of Partnership

(a) There must be an agreement registered into by all the persons troubled.

(b) The partnership is created to carry on a business.

(c) Agreement must be to share the profits of the business.

(d) All must carry on business or any of them concerned acting for all.

Public Limited Company

The public limited company registration can be required minimum of 7 persons. The shares in a public limited company can be easily transferable. The minimum number of directors in a public limited company is three. The name of the company with “Limited” as the last word in the case of a public limited company.

One Person Company


The One person company is like a private limited company. Only an Indian citizen and resident in India of a person :

(a) shall be eligible for one person company registration.

(b) be a nominee for the only member of a (OPC)  One Person Company.

Where the paid share capital of an One Person Company (OPC) exceeds 50 lakh rupees. The average annual turnover during the relevant period exceeds 2 crore Rupees. The one person company registration are mainly registered in Coimbatore.

Private Limited Company

The private limited company registration can be done with a minimum of 2 persons. The company can have a maximum number of 20 persons. The private limited company which has a paid capital of lakh. This company has certain restrictions to transfer their shares. The private limited company can start their business immediately.

The company cannot accept/renew deposits from public.The name of the company “Private Limited” as the last words of the company name The private limited company is the most important business in Coimbatore, Salem, Madurai and Chennai.

Company Registration office in Coimbatore

company registration in salem

Only one Registrar of companies (ROC) in Coimbatore. The company registration address is given below.

Registrar of companies (ROC) in Coimbatore


II-FLOOR, 683, Sowripalayam,

Ramanathapuram, Trichy Rd,

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641005.

[email protected]

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