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Digital Signature Certificate Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

The peoples of other countries or organizations have to perform DSC to make their online transactions securely. Although, Digital signature certificates are the digital copies of a paper document or any other physical content. Hence, The DSC reveals the identity of certain peoples and we can sign and register the documents electronically by using this.

In addition, To attain digital signature certificate we need to submit the below documents

Digital Signature Certificate is going to change your Business strategies

Digital signature Documents

1)Attested Copy of the Passport

      2) Attested copy of any government proof

        3) VISA’s attested copy

        4) Copy of the resident attested copy

The digital signature certificates have more advantages beyond our expectation.  Comparatively, By using DSC we can securely make our Email based and web related transactions. We can justify the ownership of the domain, can establish SSL/TLS security in between the website and user. Probably, It is easy to provide the authority of a code or a particular software program.  We can Sign a form, e-commerce data, tender data or filing the income tax returns. Likewise, We also can able to retrieve the membership of a site without verifying the username and its passwords.  Additionally, The digital signature certificate will issue by the licensed certifying authority (CA). Uniquely, The CA means a specific human who is granting a license under the IT- Act 2000 to issue the certifications.

List of certifying authorities

National Informatics Centre (NIC)

N Code Solutions CA



DSC of class 2 and class 3 is needed to issuing by the licensed CA and it wants to submit on the e-Filing MCA portal. Moreover, The DIN is not wanted to apply as before for the submission. Correspondingly, The time taken for the CA to issue the DSC may get vary. But the approximate time for this process is up to 7 working days. Sometimes all depends upon the eKYC for aadhaar holders. Notably, The validity of a DSC is one or two years.

Digital Signature Certificate is going to change your Business strategies

Benefits of Digital signature certificate

By all means, Digital signature certificates are real benefits to make fast online transactions and to provide personal details as much as possible.

Reduced cost and time:

DSCs are really useful in the way of time and money consumption. We do not want to sign on the physical copies and no need to present or authorize the business. Everything will be done electronically.

Data integrity:

We can make the data securely by signing on it. Especially, The electrical sign provided by the client need not change it further or he/she can’t be able to modify it.

The authenticity of digital signature documents:

The digitally signed documents give extra confidentiality to the business. Particularly, If the documents get forged we can take necessary actions with full confidence.


The type of applicant and the purpose of the DSC is matter. Significantly, The certified CA issue three types of DSC. The CAs is Class 1, class 2 and class 3.

Class 1 Certificate: These types are applicable to individuals/private subscribers. This is mainly used to submit the username and contact info from the database of the certifying authority.  

Class 2 Certificates: This type is mainly for the drector5s of the company for the e-filing duties with the registrar of the company. The person who needs to apply the filing process for e-returns with Roc also wanted to get Class 2 certificates.

Class 3 Certificate: Applicable for signing tenders, e-applications, etc in India. The person who wanted to participate in the online tender must attain class 3 CA.

Digital Signature Certificate is going to change your Business strategies


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