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Do you want to know the Unbelievable Facts About DSC?

Did you hear about DSC Registration?

Nowadays everything turned into digital World. The Paper documents, the pen, and the machines everything came under the category of Digitization. Here I am going to discuss about the most important part of a Business termed Digital Signature Certificate. In the current era everything listed under the online control. For everything, Security is mandatory. Even for a sign itself. Thus the global inventors found DSC to secure the signs of business magnets.

DSC is nothing, it is just an electronic document that used to verify a public key belongs to a particular identity. It is really helpful for the online related transactions, and access data via the internet. DSC is helpful and needed in those situations like Income tax filing, GST Return Filing, and Company Registration needs under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs e-Governance Programme. The attorneys can sign certain documents by using those Digital Signature certificates. The Information Technology Act, 2000 states the requirements and information about the DSC.

Related to DSC, there are 3 classes and all those are really different and for different purposes.

Classes of DSC Registration


Class 1 DSC is the most rarely using Digital signature certificates. Class 1 do not have any legal validity, and which do not have any important than others. It is using to identify the person associated with certain email address. This process is mainly for authentication purpose. It does not have any legal validity in case of documents signing. These types can apply for both business persons and individual persons. This is mainly to assure that the details in the applications and the details provides in the database both are same and does not result any conflicts.

Class 2

It is the most commonly used DSCs. Mainly, it used by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MSA) and Income Tax Departments for filing and verification of documents in case of Company Registration, LLP Registration, ITR Filing, MCA Return filing and IE Code Registration. It is just like a USB token and delivered to the company/ Individual after completing all the proof verifications.

Class 3 DSC Registration

Class 3 is the most secure form of Online Digital Signature Certificate. It is mainly used for e-commerce, e-tendering and e-bidding purpose. It ensures the identity of the person who are under the category of below mentioned. These types of services are having higher demand for more secure transactions. This types of Class 3 is also used for Trademark Registration as well. At first, the issuing authority or Registry needs to verify the identity of the Applicant.

Getting DSC is considerably a no longer process. We can approach the certifying authorities which have been authorized by MCA and the below list also can be obtained at the MCA Websites. The lists are

  1. National Informatics Center(NIC)
  2. IDRBT Certifying Authority
  3. SafeScrypt CA Services, Sify Communications Limited
  4. (n) Code Solutions CA
  5. E-Mudhra

Let us discuss about the benefits of USB Tokens. By the overall view, we can say it is highly portable, Simple to Use, Flexible in nature, and Easy implementation.

Benefits of DSC

DSC Registration and its unbelievable part in a Business

Let Us discuss, each in separately.


USB tokens are highly portable. We can carry anywhere we want.  The Credential of each persons are safely stored and easily available at any place.

Simple to Use

It is really simple and easy to use. All you need to do is plug the device into USB Port and enter your E-Token password. And after that, it is very easy to retrieve the data of the proprietor.

Flexible in nature

E-token PKI and its passwords are supports by E-token PRO. E-token pro also support the software development tools for seamless integration with the third party applications. Likewise, DSC Registration can use for RID, Logo printing and unique colours for branding purposes.

Easy Implementation

The e-token PRO USB device help to support the industry standards security interfaces and systems with the current infrastructure status of your Organization.

DSC and its uses

DSC Registration and its unbelievable part in a Business

DSC is world widely using for different purposes.

Let us discuss what they are and its importance.

1) E-Tendering

Most of the e-tendering website have adopted the use of Digital signature certificate. Any individual or the company can get the Class 3 DSC from any trust Service providers, or any CAs to participate in the e-tendering process.


For E-Ticketing, most of the IRCTS agents obtaining class 3 DSC to book a bulk amount of bookings on the official website of IRCTC. This is mainly for the agent’s login on the official site.  DSC help to ensure safety and security of transactions.

ITR E-filing

All the income tax payee should file his/ her returns annually and monthly with the help of DSCs. For this, they are adopting DSC 2. At the early stage of income tax filing, it is considering as a difficult tax because all those was completed physically. There were multiples of paper works for ITR Filing. But now, all those were reduced with the help of DSC.

IE Code Licenses

Export and Import organizations IE Code are now using DSC issued by the CCA recognized CAs in order to get the license with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

How it is work?

DSC Registration and its unbelievable part in a Business

Digital signature holds some specific numeric value to avoid contamination in the message. The numeric value is a sequence of characters. At the time of genuine data is assigns with the hash value, a concerned hash algorithm is run.

Let us take an example.

The sender sends two keys, Public and Private Keys. He keeps the private key with him itself, and send the public key to the receivers.

The sender select the files which is need to be signed. Then by using some mathematical algorithms, the hash value is calculate by sender’s PC.  And then the hash value is encrypt with sender’s private key to create a DSC.  Then it revert to receiver, and he do some of the checks.

The checks includes,

Decrypting Digital Signature using Sender’s Public Key.

Comparing the hash value from the received file with the decrypted hash message.

If the result found any similarities, then the value is considered as tampering of message.

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