FSSAI registration in Coimbatore
FSSAI Registration

Food & Food Processing Sector in India

Do you know anything about FSSAI Registration ? Did you ever think how much it is important for an eatery business? India is blessed with vast variety of food business. But most of the food related business are dwindle in small scale and household sectors. By considering this issue, Government has developed certain activities to encourage processing, marketing of vegetables and fruits, dairy products and fisheries. After effect of this announcement a number of Indian and multinational groups put their strong presence in such sectors and built some important contributions to its development. The Government moulded lots of advanced constraints to the development of the food processing Industry according to the FSSAI rules and regulations. The constraints include quality raw materials the small agricultural holdings, inadequate and expensive refrigeration facilities for storage purpose, transport and distribution, good quality packaging and machinery and efficient technologies.

Government Attitude in FSSAI Registration

FSSAI Registration in the Food & Fruit processing sector in India

Day by day these constraints are changing and there are lots of more possible way to overcome such typical issues.  Share of agriculture in GDP has come down to one third, and approximately 64% Indian workers got direct employment under the FSSAI Act. 75% peoples are live in rural areas. The Government attempted lots of efforts to increase the income of formers, create employment opportunities, diversify the rural economy and adoptive the rural industrialization. These sectors are having an important role in improving the agricultural productivity, reducing the food wastages, and improving the food availability for the export and domestic markets. The industries which are using all items used for food packaging and the industry reserved for small scale sectors are considered to get this facility. FSSAI new act is considerably reliable and really helpful for the food business industries.

Policy of FSSAI Registration

All the types of food processing industries apart from milk products, malted foods & flours, small scale sector industries are listed among high priority industries which are eligible for automatic approval for 51% foreign equity participation under the new terms of registering FSSAI & its Act. There is no requirement for obtaining an industrial license for setting up and expanding the capacity in a food processing industry. The main condition is that the unit should not be located within 25 kilometres from the periphery of standard urban area limit of the city having the population more than 1 million according to the 1991 Census. The Government encourages deep sea fishing, policy guidelines for licensing additional capacity in case of sugar mills, bear, portable alcohol and alcoholic drinks. Certain cargos are regulated under the essential commodities Act & FSSAI Registration Act.


Those commodity requirements are mentioned in this guide. A number of processed food items and alcohol are considered as highly demanded items for exporting. Shrimp, tomato paste products, fruit juices, pulps and preserved mushroom etc. are considered in this category. Exchange rate mechanisms, and introduction to the partial convertibility are the main consequences of export mechanisms. Indian exports of processed foods are highly price competitive and exported items gain attractive prices in rupee terms. The export profits are excluded from the income tax filing and the duty for free import as well as the partial availability of foreign currency at official rates to pay for the import of inputs for the export production is counted and measured under the advanced licensing FSSAI scheme.

Special Schemes in FSSAI Registration

FSSAI Registration in the Food & Fruit processing sector in India

The capital goods imports for the exporting of advanced products can be made duty free or at concessional duty rates under the export promotional capital goods scheme, depending upon the multiple of foreign exchange outflow expected to be realised via export earnings. This process are done under the control of new FSSAI Registration Act.

There are some special schemes available for 100 per cent oriented units and units located in the export processing zone. These zones enable duty free imports of capital goods, raw materials and other inputs, full convertibility of foreign exchange gained at the market place, tax holidays for the period of 5 years and the facility for limited sale in the domestic tariff area. To encouraging the development of agro based industry, Government has released agro-based products such as sauces, ketchups, butter, cheese, milk powders, vegetable oil, jams, jellies, dry fruits, dry veggies, certain soya products and the preparation of meat and fish from excise duty altogether along with FSSAI.

Special Investment Opportunities

India makes a favourable location for the investment of food processing sectors in India as well as for foreign investors. This is the main intention of FSSAI Registration Act. The special attraction of such country is the huge talent market within the country, availability of raw material and the potential for the further development of raw materials, and the high priority accordance with this sector by the Government. Another attractive resources of India is its manpower with practical skill. These costs are considerably lower than in developed countries. Likewise, considering the natural and human resources and the potential for the development, highly favourable rupee exchange rate as well as the numerous incentives for encouraging exports, India also makes a good low cost base for locating an export oriented unit in the food processing industry.

Human resources

FSSAI Registration in the Food & Fruit processing sector in India

What is the connection between Human resources and FSSAI Registration? Do you have any Idea? India has a large number of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labours and it is known as the largest pool of the scientific and technical manpower in the world. Most part of the country there is an adequate supply of office staffs. Multinational corporations operating in India find the efforts of Indian staffs in a high order. The operations are often carried by Indians. And there are several sub categories of Indian associates to the responsible overseas positions.

The professional bodies and the institutes in the leading institutions provide education and training. This is mainly to the management graduates, engineers, accountants, and other professionals. Specialised trainings relevant to the FSSAI industry is available via under graduate and post graduate courses designed at several universities.

Technology and capital goods

India has a well-developed capital structure and large companies like L&T, HMT, McNeil and so on. These are engaged in the supply of capital goods for the food processing industry. Many of these companies are engaged directly in the food processing industry. And thus they have the power to access the technologies developed by their foreign collaborators. Some of them included in the research and development facilities to spend most of the time with the Indian industry for the development purposes. Import of the new capital foods are freely allowed. It is allowed without having any license or clearances.

In the food processing industry packaging and the packaging sectors, importing second hand capital of goods are also freely allowed. Importing tariffs are gradually reduced.

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