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DSC is going to change your Business strategies

Digital signature Certificate or DSC is a new term in the digitized world. Now a days everything getting change into e-process. Simply we can say that the computerization are turning into e-processing schemes. We can take a simple outlook. The cash payments are turning into e-payments, books, newspapers everything get changing as e-books, e-news. Everything upgraded into electronic versions. Additionally, we can denote the income tax process also changed to e-filing process.

In each and every process there must be a prefix “E”. Before, all the paper works are easily done with the sign of the applicant. But now all the authentication and procedures are done via online and it needs an online medium for attestation. Self-verifications are done via personal signs. Decade to decade it’s changed and now a newer form get introduced and it is known as Digital signature certificate. In case of Income tax filing it is very important to submit all the return statements with the declaration statements of applicant.

Latest Developments In DSC

The declaration is mainly because the auditor has to prove that the returns are in the basis of the Applicant’s knowledge and if there any corruptions occurring he can state that it is mainly because of the applicant’s unacknowledged. All the particulars that are submitting by the Applicant should be fair and best of his knowledge. This is the main reason behind time lagging by government for Income tax return registration. The particular solution for declaration sign while submitting the documents in Online is DSC. It is the digital certificate to authenticate the digital message or documents. Income tax return filings are easily do with the help of right authentication method known as DSC.

Digital Signature Certificate ( DSC )

DSC is a certificate for the authentication of the message or the documents. It is just like the handwritten signature and it authenticates the printed documents. Every person has a separate digital signature certificates and it identifies each DSC belongs to whom. The DSC will not forge by a third person, it is electronically stores by the name of the desired person. If the application get forge without any knowledge of the owner of DSC then he can claim that the signature is already corrupts. Through DSC the recipient gets the authentication of both the identity of the sender and the integrity of the message.

How can we apply for Digital Signature Certificate?

DSC is going to change your Business strategies | Corpstore

It is issuing by the Information technology Act, 2000 and the certifying authority. It gets the same status as the physical signature. The certificate is issuing for one year or two year validity and the certificate is in the form of USB token.

Here we are going to discuss about some difficult situations to register the DSC.

The non-resident companies where the directors are foreign nationals.

The 1st time ITR filing companies

Companies where the managing directors and other directors are changes or unavailable for taking care of the company rules.

Here in these cases it is much complex to verify the identity of the person and his relationships with the entity. In such cases we can make the registrations simpler according to the latest interoperability guidelines issued by the chief controller of certifying authority. Based on the guidelines for Digital signature certificate issues by CCA, the permanent account number has been including in an encrypted type of DSC.  

If the DSC is verifying during the IT Returns of the company/ firm, the department of Auditing verifies the below details.

DSC in Income Tax Returns

DSC is going to change your Business strategies | Corpstore

DSC is registered or not in the portal

The SI number of the DSC used to sign the IT returns is same as the SI number of registered DSC.

The verifier’s PAN number mentioned in the verification portal of IT Return is same as the person having the registered DSC.

After the verification only the IT Returns are permitting to sign and upload

Authentication of the tax returns are carrying out by IT departments in the presence of DSC or Digital signature certificate. DSC helps the assesse to get rid of the problems by physical posting of ITRV to CPC.

Other advantages

Let us discuss below the added advantages of filing ITR via DSC

  • Paperless solution for all the ITR filing
  • Signature cannot get forging activities, it gives a higher security
  • It is password authenticated, so it cannot able to misuse.
  • The same class of taxpayers have to file the ITR through DSC only.
  • If the person is having the DSC then there is no need to present the documents physically

Uses of Digital Signature Certificate

  • ITR Filing
  • DSC is using to register and verify the PAN online
  • Filing TDS statements Online

Advantages of getting Digital signature Certificate

  • The documents are noise free it means that are in interfering stage. The documents are secure with private and public keys which cannot infringed after it altered by sender’s side.
  • Mainly, DSC is used for the authentication of source messages. Receiver believes that the particular message is sent by the claimed sender, without any infringements.
  • The electronic signature is the sign of honesty and believes that the sender reverts the documents without any alterations in it. It reflects the uprightness.
  • DSC is cost effective, which means you can transfer the documents by signing digitally your PDF files, instead of paper copies.
  • Makes all the electronic records simple it is quick and smooth, digital signatures are valid for long time.
  • Getting Digital signature certificate is helpful for numerous actions, so getting one of it benefits more.

History of Digital Signature Certificate

The DSC scheme was 1stly introduce by Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman in 1976. After that in 1984, Shafi Goldwasser, Silvio Micali, and Ronald Rivest defined more austerely about the security requirements of DSC. The first ever software for digital signature was Lotus Notes 1.0. It gets globalized in 1989. It is fully based on the RSA algorithms. After the introducing of RSA algorithm, Lamport signatures, Merkle signatures and Rabin signatures are some of other DSCs that were developed.

How DSC Can Make You Happy

DSC is nothing, it is a validating secure digital support issued by the certifying authority for the purpose of certifying the identity of the person holding the confidential documents. For creating the signatures it uses public key encryptions. DSC contains the name, address, PIN code, email, date of issuance of the certificate and the certifying authority name etc. DSC and the digital signature are being held by various government authorities. Now a days it is very mandatory in most of the company registration process.

Types of Digital signature certificate

  1. Sign

DSC is mainly using for signing applications. Mainly, signing the PDF files for Tax returns, MCA and other websites.

  • Encrypt

Mainly, using in the tender portal. It is using to encrypt the document. We can encrypt the document and upload.

  • Sign & Encrypt

You can buy both sign & encrypt DSC by using this category

Classes of Digital signature certificate

Regarding the IT law there are 3 types in the DSC class. Class 1, Class 2 & Class3 certificates. Let us discuss the three.

Class 1 certificates: These types of classes are issuing to individual people or private subscribers. It confirms by getting the user name, email address from the certifying authorities database.

Class 2 certificates: It will issued to both business personals and private individuals. This certificate is mainly aim to prove that the information provided by the applicant and the information in the consumer database should not conflict each other.

Class 3 Certificates: These types of Digital signature certificates are issuing by individuals and organizations. These are high assurance certificates and for e-commerce applications.  They shall issue for individual appearance before the certifying authorities.

Why Digital signature certificate is so secure?

DSC is going to change your Business strategies | Corpstore

DSC is build to ban corruptions. It is craft, alter and covered by full of highest level of security. Here are some reasons why we have to keep it as so secure.

Trusted Digital ID: the digital IDs are come from accredited providers. Each have to prove their identity before getting the Digital ID.

Encryption: Documents that are signing and the digital signature certificate both are encrypted together. It is bind with a meddle evident seal.

Unique: Each time when you sign a document, you are using the unique DSC and PIN to validate the details.

Easily get validated: both DSC and signed documents are re validated for up to 10 years by a charted accountant or TSP.


DSC is epic. Nowadays every transaction needs a digital copy of your sign. It is basically needful and relevant. In a digitalized world our sign also getting digitalized. No matter for wondering. Go ahead with the time change. Register your DSC in Coimbatore and feel free from the paper oriented complexities. We Corpstore provides DSC registration, ITR Filing, trademark registration, IE Code registration, FSSAI, Legal metrology and all types of company registration services. If you want to get all the new updates about our services please visit our websites.

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