Useful Trends about FSSAI Registration

Here in this blog, we can get an idea about Online FSSAI Registration. FSSAI is Food Safety and Standards Authority in India, We can register it in Online as well. It is an autonomous body established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. These rules has been established under Foods Safety and Standards Act, 2006.It has to maintain standards of food. It says the manufacture, storage, distribution sale of the food and ensure the safety. On obtaining FSSAI license then it is safe for consuming. Moreover this safety measure is taken so as to avoid people getting food poisoning and food born diseases.

 FSSAI has been established under Food Safety and Standards Act 2006.It was introduced in the year 2006 but came into force in 2011.

Currently Rita Teotia is the current chairperson appointed by Central Government. Pawan Kumar Agarwal is current Chief Executive Officer for FSSAI.They are appointed by Central Government.

For obtaining Online FSSAI Registration in Coimbatore the following documents needed.

  • Completed and signed form B
  • Form B-State FSSAI license, form B is if unit’s turnover is less than 20 crore and operation is only limited in State.
  • FBO photo identity. (FBO-Food Business Operators.)
  • Proof of possession of premises such as Rental Agreement.
  • Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership deed/AOA etc.,- these documents are needed to know whether the company is being incorporated also it is needed to see whether it is being registered. Because unregistered company should not get into food business since it will take toll on people’s health.
  • List of food products which would be dealt.
  • Plan of Food safety management system.

When a person is intended to obtain FSSAI license in Coimbatore he has to submit the above said documents.

FSSAI registration is done for petty food business operators who manufactures and sells food for the caterers who produce food in public gatherings like temple function, weddings

Types of FSSAI

Any person or entity does not classify as small food business operator need to obtain FSSAI registration in Coimbatore. There are two types:

State FSSAI license

Central FSSAI license

According to the size of the business it has been classified as above. Food license(ie) FSSAI license in Coimbatore must educate people that

*When the business is of wide range FSSAI Central license is used. The turnover must be above 20 crore.

*If the business is small FSSAI state license is obtained. The turnover must be between 12 crore to 20 crore.

*If turnover is upto 12 lakhs FSSAI Registration Form A is used.

 FSSAI license in Coimbatore is far more expensive when compared to registration. The period of FSSAI Registration in Coimbatore will last to 5 years.

Online FSSAI registration

When online FSSAI registration is chosen then,

  • Consultation and Documentation 
  • Fill up the online FSSAI registration form with required documents
  • Get into official website of online FSSAI. Sign up and provide documents.
  • Application filing and approval. A reference number will be given it is used to track.
  • Food license will be given.
  • All such should be done by legalDoc experts.

FSSAI registration certificate will be issued on 8th day of filing of application.FSSAI license in Coimbatore in 60+ days of filing of application.

FSSAI Renewal

If the FSSAI registration in Coimbatore has to be renewed then application should be submitted before 30 days. 

*FSSAI license in Coimbatore must be renewed to avoid penalties.

*Food safety and standards authority of Indian license in Coimbatore has to be done before 120 days of license expiry.

*FSSAI registration in Coimbatore renewal fee amount is Rs.100/day from date of expiry.

If FSSAI license in Coimbatore renewal is not done then it is bigger risk for the food manufacturers. Because they will lose the credibility among the public.

FSSAI license number

The FSSAI license in Coimbatore enables the person to obtain the license number.

FSSAI license number is 14 digit number given to all food business operator. It contains 5 sections.

Online FSSAI Registration and its importance aspects in Coimbatore

Section 1[First digit]

Information about registration status

Section2 [Digit 2 and digit 3]

 State code of the state where the food business operates.

Section3 [Digit 4 and Digit 5]

It implies the year of manufacture

Section4[Digit 6,Digit 7,Digit 8]-Quantity of enrolling master

Section 5[Digit 9 to 14]-permit given to the maker.

How to check FSSAI license number online

Step1:Enter 14 digit Food safety and license number.

Step2:Login with username and passwords.

Step3:Click on check validity and get basic information

Step4:Get details about your FSSAI license.

When we are speaking about the benefits we need to obtain FSSAI license which is the food license.

Consumer awareness.

People are now aware of the diets that they intake. The People they look for organic, healthy diet. People always see the ingredients contained in it. They also check for the expiry date. So it is important to have FSSAI to gain credibility among the public.

Recently Maggi food product controversy paved way for greater threat for food safety. So FSSAI must be obtained.

Legal Advantage

It is always believed that getting FSSAI license is costly, time consuming. But it is considerably low if you are being caught and placed under the law.

FSSAI logo

The logo is used as a mark of validity and also assurance by the consumers.

Business Expansion

It will help you to expand the business. And it helps the maker to obtain the loan.

Moreover FSSAI registration in Coimbatore is given for the following types of activities.

*Manufacture of food products

 *Trading of food products

*Distribution of food products

*Transportation of food products

If the maker does not abide by the rules, he will be charged up to 10 lakhs.

Food Licensing and Registration System

Firstly Food licensing and Registration System is an online application launched by Food safety and standards Authority of India to facilitate Food Business Operator

How to check food license online

Step1: Enter 14 digit FSSAI license number.

Step2: Click on check validity 

Step3: Login with your username and password

Step4: Get details about FSSAI license.

What is FSMS?

Food Safety Management System is a network of interrelated elements that combine to ensure that food does not cause adverse human health effects.

Are private laboratories a part of larger FSSAI network

The FSSAI maintains its own laboratories for the purpose of food safety testing and quality compliance across the country.

There are several different types of laboratories in country that has being given accreditation of FSSAI with regard to food standards, safety and resulting guidelines. And the labs that are used are parts of network are given licenses.

Above all FSSAI is essential for gaining credibility and reputation among the public.

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