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Do’s and Don’ts before and after filing patent application

A patent, fundamentally is a selective right presented by the Government to an applicant for an innovation for a time of 20 years. At the point when a product is licensed, the patentee will have the selective freedoms to keep outsiders from the demonstration of making, utilizing, making available for purchase, selling or bringing in the protected creation. A patent not just gives an upper hand to the patent holder yet additionally helps in adaptation of the development and furthermore helps in guaranteeing harms in the event that an outsider encroaches a conceded patent. In this manner, getting imposing business model over a creation by filing a patent application is profoundly gainful.

It is significant for an applicant/designer to comprehend the patent process so they can protect their development. In this way, let us comprehend the do’s and don’ts that an applicant/creator ought to consider prior to filing a patent application.


For any creation to be patentable, novelty is one of the most, on the off chance that not the most significant component. An innovation is viewed as novel or new on the off chance that it has not been uncovered. The novelty of an innovation is obliterated assuming it is expected by earlier nationalization, earlier use or earlier open information. Thusly, it is basic to file application for patent with the Patent Office prior to sending off/selling/unveiling the development in any structure (media, addresses by the scholarly world/staff/understudies, display or specialized fair, site nationalization). Whenever novelty is obliterated the possibilities getting an award for your patent application is insignificant!


Do direct a patentability search to discover the patentability of the development for example assuming that the creation is new and is non-obvious prior to filing the patent application. A patentability search report gives you the experiences connected with the thought, for example, regardless of whether the thought is patentable by patent registration in Bangalore. In the event that there is something almost identical, you can make alteration in your development so it tends to appear as something else and have novelty. Besides, knowing the patentability of the development prior to financial planning time, cash and different assets during the time spent filing the patent application is in every case better.


The vast majority of the patent workplaces are dealing with “first to file” head, including India. On the off chance that two individuals are dealing with same thought, the person who files the application first will get the benefit of need over the other one. Subsequently, it is prudent to get the need date by an early filing.

Stress not, your creation need not be concluded or you really want not have the last model preceding filing of the patent application through patent registration in Bangalore. You can constantly document a “provisional application” in the event that your creation isn’t completely grown to get an earliest filing date. This provisional application can be filed rapidly and with practically no claims. Then, at that point, you can use the time given by the particular patent office, the time is a year in India to document the complete specification alongside claims subsequent to filing the provisional specification with the complete subtleties of the development. Subsequently, there is compelling reason need to worry and try not to file an application, on the off chance that the innovation isn’t yet been completely sorted out!


The freedoms related with the licenses assumes a vital part with regards to adaptation of the creation. Inappropriate task arrangements or no arrangements can prompt a plenty of issues, which can sabotage a patent with great potential.

Assuming you are an association and your representatives are chipping away at a creation, ensure you have a legitimate composed agreement/concurrence with them, listing the commitments connected with the IP created by them during the residency of their work in the association, so that all freedoms of the patent/IP can be delighted in by your association and not be vested with the singular creators.

In the event that you are an individual and working with co-creators, it is fitting to have a particular composed agreement about the privileges of every individual to keep away from any conflicts in future.

Don’ts after filing the patent application

Depending on the sort of utilization filed, the applicant needs to satisfy further process necessities that might change. In the event of a provisional application, guarantee to present a complete specification in no less than a year from the date of provisional filing; any other way, the patent application would pass. In the wake of applying for the award of a patent, the applicant can make reference to “patent-pending,” any place utilizing that creation. On the off chance that numerous provisional specifications were petitioned for related creations, the equivalent can be joined to frame a solitary complete detail.

Once presenting the patent application, by and large, the nationalization of complete patent specification occurs following year and a half. In any case, a solicitation for early nationalization needs to ship off the patent office to get before nationalization. The applicants ought to take note of that the examination of the application must be mentioned and wouldn’t be embraced consequently, similar to the nationalization. The applicant might try and request a most optimized plan of attack examination alongside the endorsed charge.

Don’ts subsequent to filing a patent application

When the first examination report [FER] is shipped off the patent applicant and furthermore transferred online for the overall population, the applicant should recognize and answer the FER, and some other examination reports post that. An applicant may likewise change over a complete particular into provisional detail in the span of a year from the filing of the complete specification given that it’s anything but a show application or a PCT national phase application.

While filing the complete specification, one ought to painstakingly guarantee the scope of the patent claims fall inside the particular drafted and to cover every one of the parts of the security looked for, while at the same time recognizing the earlier workmanship from the claimed creation. The applicant should remember that the claims are not excessively wide to embrace more than whatever the applicant has concocted to guarantee that the claims don’t encroach upon data or matter that as of now exists in the national space. Be that as it may, it should likewise not be too restricted either, as it would diminish the scope of protection that obtained registration by patent registration in Bangalore.

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