Why FSSAI is so important?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is established mainly to ensure the safety and hygeinety of quality foods. the FSSAI is applicable for the any of the food business. FSSAI was established by the Union Health Minister Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, Government of India in August 5 2011 . It is under the food safety and standards act, 2006.

But it was come in existence on 2006. To sets up the standards of food quality FSSAI located its seats in Cochin, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Tuticorin (SR), and Kolkata. They created a network chain and spread all the hygiene and related issues worldwide. FSSAI assures the conformity of quality to the manufacturers, investors, customers and manufacturers. Nowadays, people have the conscious to visits the places having FSSAI License.

Importance of Food FSSAI

Regarding the Food security Act, 2006 all the eatery business and all the products that are edible must have to register and get the License under the FSSAI. There is no divergence that the business is small or medium scale. FSSAI Licenses are of 3 types depending on the annual turnover. You can register according to that.

The street vendors, shops, small business, etc have to license the shop under the food safety act. The food safety and standards regulation, 2011 is govern by the licensing and registration of manufacturers, storage, transportation, or distribution of products. The regulations of food standards ensuring all the food business operators in India have to get the certificate of Incorporation. FSSAI Registration and License both are simply different. It gets categorizing under the size of the business.

FSSAI Registration for food business

The FSSAI Enrolment is required in all petty food business operators like a retailor, dealer, transporting vendor, stall holders, manufacturers etc. the small business may be a person or an entity. If the operator has the turnover less than 12 lakhs can be applicable for such types of registration. The operator can distribute foods in any religious places excluding catering services also can apply for FSSAI formation.

Who can apply FSSAI Registration?

  • The production capacity per day does not exceed 100 kg/Ltr
  • The collection of milks is up to 500litrs.
  • The meat shop or any other Slaughtering capacity is 2 large animals or 10 tiny creatures or 50 rooster birds per day.

To get the FSSAI first the operators have to submit the application in form A. the application gets reject or approve within 7 days of the receipt of the application. The certificates contain the application details and the photograph of the FBO. The certificates have to place in the premise till the business is carrying.

FSSAI food licensing and registration system | Corpstore

FSSAI License

The person or the entity considered as the non-petty business have to file for the FSSAI License. The FSSAI License is of two types. State and central license. The classifications are depends upon the nature and size of the business. The central License is for the business who possess large manufacturing, who are large exporters, processors, and importers. It means there annual turnover exceeds 20 crore then they should get the central license.

State License

The state license is applicable for the persons who is having turnover in between 12 lakh and 20 crores in a year. The medium sized manufacturers, exporters and processors are under this category.

The fees for Licensing is high compare to the registration. The license application should allocate in Form B to the licensing authority with self-attested declarations and affidavits. The FSSAI License is valid for up to 10 years. And the cost also depending on the period of extend. If the License is for 1 or 2 years then we can also apply for the renewal not later than 30 days of the expiry date.

What are the necessary documents require for FSSAI License?

The documents for the basic registrations are

  1. Form B with the applicant’s sign
  2. Applicant’s passport size photo
  3. Rental agreement or documents of the premise
  4. company Incorporation certificate/ Partnership deed
  5. List of the food products
  6. Operational plan
The documents for the state license are
  1. Form B with the applicant’s sign
  2. The complete plan of the processing and dimensions of the operating units
  3. List of foods dealing with
  4. List of the directors, partners with their full database
  5. The affidavit of the manufacturer
  6. Water analysis report to confirm the convenience
  7. Premises proof
  8. No objection certificate of the manufacturer and license copy
  9. Food safety certificate
FSSAI food licensing and registration system | Corpstore

Advantages of getting an FSSAI License

Raise the company reputation

If your company having a license, then it will be an added advantages to raise the reputation of your business. The legal protection is mandatory to start a business. Customers are more conscious about the license and they prefer registering hotels for food.

Increase the customer base

The satisfied customers always praise the identity of the business to others. Thus others are also got the news about the business. This process goes on. If you are having a legal license then automatically it will increase the customer base. The good food always attracts he more customers. The good customers are always supports good food. The FSSAI License expands the business and standardization of your kitchen’s operations.


If you do not have the FSSAI License it will be harm to your business. Your business will get punishable and closed after the deep checking by government. The FSSAI Registration is a legal license for your quality food products. If you do not have the license means you are not aware of the quality and hygeinety of the foods. Once the government and the food inspector place an inspection on your premise you can’t get out from the black mark at anymore. After that you cannot able to place any business related to the food. It will last as a black mark in lifelong.


The registration and licensing is depends on the nature and the size of the business. You can get registered your business in online. If you want to get more consultations on your FSSAI registration you can reach the best food business registration consultancy in Coimbatore. We Corpstore spread our services all over Tamilnadu for more than 10 years. Our legal food business inspector helps to carry the best registration services at affordable cost and customer expectations.

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