FSSAI Registration

FSSAI Registration

FSSAI is generally termed as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is mainly used to ensure the safety of foods to the customers. The FSSAI act empowers the functions specified to them by the Government of India as well as the Ministry of Health and Family Affair.

The FSSAI’s headquarter is located in New Delhi. For all eatery business, FSSAI is a mandatory thing. Each and every food-related business needs a 14-digit registration number as a licensed copy.

All the manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, traders must obtain that pin be printed on food packages. This step is following as a safe shelter to highlight that the product is undergone certain quality checks. Thus it emphasizes the quality content. We can do FSSAI registration online for basic and central level. The filing happens on offline mode only in case of a state node. FSSAI license varies according to the type of operation and turnover of the business.

Classification of FSSAI

Depending on these factors the license is classified as follows;
1) Central
2) State
3) Basic Registration

FSSAI Basic registration
The basic registration is applicable for start-ups and having the turnover below Rs.12 lakhs. If the sales graph is increased then the registration gets changed from basic to state license.
FSSAI State license
It is applicable to the companies whose annual turnover in between Rs.12-20 crores like mid-sized companies.
FSSAI Central license
This license is applicable typically on large business with annual turnover above Rs.20 crores. It is also required in cases where you need to supply at the government offices or import/export food products.

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Steps to obtain FSSAI License
It involves 4 steps and it is a long term one.
Step 1:
Form A on the FSSAI website should have to fill along with the payment details at the Food business operator near your location.
Step 2:
After the confirmation of FSSAI is registered in your account you have to fill the form B with the government. The declarations in the forms are prepared by company secretary itself.
Step 3:
After the completion of the above procedures, you have to follow the government sites for further updates. The official sites update the issues within 15days of application. If you are not responding to it they will reject your application permanently.
Step 4:
The government takes 45-60 working days to complete your application and approve.

Importance of FSSAI

Why the FSSAI License is mandatory?
a) Consumers get confident of safe food handling and quality food preparation steps.
b) Encourage the producers to keep their food standards and their quality.
c) Compromising consumer safety.

Consequences of Not attaining the FSSAI registration/ License
All the persons filing under FSSAI must have to follow the FSSAI rules and regulations. The food business operator conducts an inspection based on the facility of the clients and then identifies the level of compliance. Then the officer creates a checklist, and it is mentioning below,
Compliance, non-compliance, partial compliance, Non-applicable.
Cases like the officer issue a notice to the FBO and he fails to move on with it, the officer has certain rights to cancel the registration. The cancellation may get change through the appealing in the High court.

Restaurants & eatery business Guidelines :

In the case of food, there is no unhealthy and unsafe. Everything just depends on the preparation of foods. If the food is preparing under unhealthy conditions then it consumes unhygienic results. If a consumer absorbs unhealthy food then it causes various diseases. Common health issues are vomiting, dizziness, stomach ache, dysentery. FSSAI registration is not only just for fame it is mainly to ensure the safety of its consumers. Hygiene of food, workers, workplace and the cleanliness and disposal of food everything is matters in the registration process.

Personel Hygiene of employees

Before going to the work firm he must ensure that he brushes, comb his hair, takes a bath, trim his hair, nail & beard. The employee makes sure that the cooking environment is hygienic and he has to wear clean clothes. in case he is injuring then he should wound all the injured parts like there is no germs would spread from his wound.
Some of the (don’t)s that the keeper should follow

  • When he/she is ill the employee(s) should not handle food
  • He should not scratch his skin or prick nose and pimples.
  • Employee(s) should not have long nails any color coating on them.
  • While handling food Employee(s) should not wear dirty clothes and should not wear accessories.
  • Moreover, he should wear clean gloves, apron and head cover before entering into the room.
  • He should wash his hands perfectly before entering into the room.


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